UFC president talks Tyson’s legacy

Dana White sure has a way with words when discussing any
subject, let alone the legacy of the former undisputed heavyweight
champion of the world Mike Tyson. In a short excerpt from the new
FOX reality series “Being Mike Tyson”, the UFC
President and boxing’s living legend himself are shown
palling around together, as they are known to do, backstage at an
event with White waxing on about the difference of what Tyson is
like today as opposed to the fearsome “Iron Mike” of

“Do you remember how he was then,” states White.
“You would s*** your pants if this guy walked in the room.
When you talk to mixed martial artists, some of these guys are
really mellow, easy going guys, but inside that’s how they
are. If that’s not how you are then you don’t even
belong in this sport.”

As the UFC President grew up in boxing and is naturally a fight
fan, it’s no surprise White speaks highly of Tyson’s
infamous intensity, which made him not only a terrifying
competitor, but an entertaining lightning rod for the sport.
“The thing with boxing is, the heavyweight division died when
he left,” asserts White with no sense of hyperbole as the
ardent critic of the Klitschko brothers and their sleep inducing

Also, for boxing purists, it’s not rare to see Tyson at
UFC events as “The Baddest Man on the Planet” is an
enthusiastic MMA supporter who even traveled in September to UFC
Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Bader in Brazil and congratulated Glover
Teixeira inside the Octagon following his first round TKO of Ryan