Kim crushes Silva in Brazil

Before Dong Hyun Kim and Erick Silva stepped into the Octagon
together on Wednesday there were two very likely scenarios that
could have played out. Either Kim would get the best of Silva with
his stifling and suffocating ground attack or Silva would counter
with a blistering knockout as he’s done in so many past fights.

In a true reversal of fortunes, the fight came to an end with
just under two minutes to go in the second round when Kim crushed
Silva’s jaw with a counter, overhand left sending the Brazilian
crashing to the mat with a clean one-punch knockout.

Prior to the ending the fight was playing out just like most

In the first round, Kim took Silva down and controlled him like
an anaconda toying with its prey, wrapping him up and sucking the
life out of him with each minute that passed. The hard work to keep
Silva down almost backfired because in the second round Kim started
to look a little weary.

Silva came forward on Kim time and again looking for the
knockout punch, and stunned the Korean fighter but couldn’t quite
land the finishing blow. Silva’s movement was creating problems for
Kim, who failed to get his timing down and just could not land a
counter strike.

That was until Silva stood flat footed in front of Kim for one
second too long, and he uncorked the perfect left hand that sent
the Brazilian crashing to the mat like a tree being cut down in the

For the first time since his UFC debut back in 2008, Kim got a
stoppage victory while notching his third win in a row overall. In
a very deep welterweight division, Kim’s latest effort will
certainly gain him some much-needed recognition in the shark tank
of fighters where he currently swims.