Green beats Krause in odd ending

Was it the gut or was it the cup? That’s the big question
coming out of Wednesday night’s UFC Fight for the Troops.

Bobby Green might have scored the first-ever groin kick TKO in
UFC history. Or did he?

With 1:12 left in the first round, Green landed a kick to the
midsection of James Krause and Krause face planted like he had been
shot. That part is not in dispute. Whether or not Green’s
shin grazed Krause’s cup is the issue.

Referee John McCarthy didn’t hesitate in waving off the
fight and many thought it would be a disqualification. Not so.
Green’s kick was legal, McCarthy said, and Krause was the

“It was actually belt line, and ‘Big’ John saw it, too,” Green
said after the fight. “I don’t want to do it this way. I say they
let us fight. We can start this over and we can do it over from the
beginning. It’s just bad luck. One time, he stepped in and I caught
him as he was coming in, and it was terrible bad luck.

“I do not kick guys low, and I hate for the fight to go this
way. We can come back and rematch it and do whatever Joe Silva and
Dana White wants to happen.”

Dana weighed in on the situation during the post-fight presser
stating, “I thought it was a clean shot. The first two were
definitely low. I thought it was more body that hurt him than the
actual cup.”

Looking at the replay, it does appear that Green’s kick
landed on Krause’s stomach. But usually a body kick
doesn’t cause that kind of reaction in a fighter when it
isn’t in the vicinity of the liver. So did Krause flop? Or
did the shin make contact with his family jewels? We’ll
probably never know.

“For all you guys saying I was faking and it was on the
“belt line,” Krause tweeted, “I’m a lot of things but a
liar isn’t one.”

Either way, a fun fight between two exciting UFC lightweights
was spoiled. Can we get a do-over?