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Dana White makes $33K gambling in one night -€“ and gloats about it

Though it’s chump change for him, the UFC president won big at Ultimate Casino in New Jersey on Monday night. Frankie Edgar and JWoww didn’t fare nearly as well.

Life is good when you're the boss.


Dana White rolled the dice with the UFC and he's been winning ever since.

The UFC president's 12-year hot streak continued Monday night. White tweeted that he won $33,500 gambling at Ultimate Casino, a New Jersey online gambling collaboration between the Fertitta brothers and Trump Taj Mahal.

This week was an invite-only trial run at Trump's Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. White brought along New Jersey'€™s favorite MMA son, Frankie Edgar, and JWoww from 'Jersey Shore.'€ They didn'€™t fare nearly as well as the UFC boss.

White is known as a high roller in Las Vegas. He has tipped dealers as much as $100,000 and once won $6 million gambling in one night.

Monday night was chump change, though White did tweet at one point that he dropped $220,000 and was ahead.

Ultimate Casino will be open to all New Jersey residents for online gambling next week. The Fertittas and their company, Ultimate Gaming, have a similar deal worked out in Nevada.

Between Station Casinos, this new venture and the UFC, we'€™d say Frank and Lorenzo are doing just fine. No wonder the Culinary Union is so upset.

Now, they just need to keep White away from Ultimate Gaming before he cleans them out -€“ pre-'€œUltimate Fighter'€-UFC style.