AW purely focused on progress

Wenger also admits that everyone is living in the shadow of Spanish
giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Wenger feels that Real and Barca
are on a level up from everyone else, and his efforts will be
concentrated on making it into the knock-out phase, after already
coming through a tricky qualifying clash with Udinese. “Two teams
are above the rest this season, Real Madrid and Barcelona,” he
said. “The rest have to catch up during the season. The competition
inside our country has become harder. And outside, Barcelona and
Real Madrid have much more financial power. “For us, it’s a new
start because we are a new squad. “And what is at stake during the
group stages for us is to show that we can go through. “They have
shown they can win it so, at the moment, it’s too early to compare
us to them.” Wenger also insisted that Manchester City cannot be
compared to Barcelona at this stage, adding: “It’s a bit early to
compare Manchester City with Barca. “That does not take any credit
away from Man City but Barca’s players have won the World Cup and
the team has won two Champions Leagues in the last three seasons.
So I think it’s too early for City.”