P.K. Subban is adamant about remaining a Canadien 'lifer'

P.K. Subban is trying to keep the status of negotiations out of the public eye.

Brian Babineau / NHLI

Defenseman P.K. Subban knows where he wants to be for the rest of his career.

Subban is scheduled for an arbitration meeting on Aug. 1 after finishing up a two-year, $3.75 million contract. He said earlier this week that he would like to stay with the team for the remainder of his career.

"Obviously I remain adamant on remaining in Montreal and being a Montreal Canadien, and not just for a long time but hopefully for the rest of my career, and be a lifer there," Subban said on Toronto's "Breakfast Television."

Subban finished last season with 53 points -- fifth-best among NHL defensemen. This came a year after he was awarded the Norris Trophy for the league's top defensive player. He has been consistently one of the NHL's premier D-men since coming into the league in 2010.

Subban did not want to discuss the contract situation while competing at the RBC Canadian Open golf tournament on Saturday.

"I'll answer one question about the negotiation: It's been kept pretty quiet the whole time, and it's going to remain that way until a deal's done," Subban said, via the Toronto Sun. "As of right now, today, I'm sitting here and trying to just enjoy the day, just not thinking about anything."

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