Kings serve up smackdown on media

Los Angeles Kings fire back after Yahoo! calls the NHL team the Lakers; Twitter account is famous for snarky replies and this is not the first case of mistaken ID for the franchise.

The Los Angeles Kings have always had a bit of an inferiority complex. And who could blame them, playing hockey in LA in the shadows of the tradition, glitz and success of the Lakers and Dodgers? To be fair, it's not like their rafters are overflowing with banners.

Still, you’d think their first championship would change that. Nope.

The Kings, currently playing in the Western Conference final in a bid to win a second Stanley Cup after winning their first in 2012, were the subject of a recent Yahoo! Sports poll. See the problem?

At least the Kings were good sports about it. Not only did they have fun with the tweet, but they went all out in reminding the world who the Los Angeles Kings are, and which of LA’s major pro sports franchises is the only champion right now. (You have to click here to see it, because it is so epic, it is too large to post on this page).

And they’ve had to post these reminders before (again, click here to view it).

And the Kings can talk trash with the best of ’em on Twitter, too. This was sent after LA took a 1-0 lead in Game 1 of the Western Conference final.

Never mind that the Kings lost the game 2-1.

The Kings won the Cup a year ago by beating the New Jersey Devils in the final. This is how they welcomed the challenge.

And this is what they did after tying Game 4 in the third period.

And after beating the Canucks in Round 1 to begin their Cup run last season?

The Kings have never even played the Flyers in the playoffs.

You want to serve the Kings with a Twitter grammar lesson? You’re getting a lesson in #STFU right back.

Are you a celeb looking for tickets? Prepare for them to be served with a steaming bowl of crow (or cool bowl of Jell-O).

Nobody is safe.

Again, who can blame them? This is THE LOS ANGELES MEDIA mistaking the Sacramento Kings logo for theirs.

And this is A SECOND LOS ANGELES TV STATION mistaking the Sacramento Kings logo for theirs.

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