Dodgers stars hang with LeBron

The Los Angeles Dodgers finally saw their 10-game winning streak come to an end Sunday in Philly, but the misery was short-lived.

At least it was for a trio of the team’s biggest stars, who hustled their way down to South Beach to party with LeBron James, according to TMZ.

The gossip site says rookie phenom Yasiel Puig, injured slugger Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford hit up LIV nightclub to party and were greeted by James. They reportedly wound up with a $20K bar tab. Unfortunately, there were no photos or videos to go with the story.

The Dodgers, 25-4 since the All-Star break, are in town to play the Miami Marlins, so it’s not like they need to have their "A" games today anyway (plus, Kemp’s injured).

Meanwhile, this is just further evidence that partying with LeBron in South Beach might be trending.

Remember the minor ruckus over Danny Green being spotted with the Heat star after the Heat beat Green’s Spurs in the NBA Finals?