Jason Kidd’s best coaching yet: spilling his soda

Jason Kidd, you sly dog, you. You savvy veteran. You actor.

Observe this GIF, captured by Deadspin, showing Kidd, the first-year Brooklyn Nets coach, telling guard Tyshawn Taylor "hit me," thus causing Kidd’s drink to spill on the floor, causing a stoppage for cleanup and effectively allowing the Nets an extra timeout with his team down by two to the Lakers with 8 seconds left.

It was Kidd’s finest moment as an NBA coach so far.

"Sweaty palms," Kidd said after the game. "…I was never good with the ball."

Taylor also denied it was intentional, but did wonder what the coach was doing with a drink on the court.

"I was coming out and he was in my way," Taylor said, adding, "I was like, ‘Coach, get outta my way, bro!’"

Unfortunately, it didn’t pay off. Paul Pierce just missed a straightaway 3 with 2.2 seconds left, capping a 4-for-17 night and a 99-94 loss.

The Nets’ last victory over the Lakers was Nov. 25, 2007 in Los Angeles behind 15 points, 14 assists and seven rebounds from Kidd.

It’s been a rough 4-11 start for Kidd. Hard to tell this was after a win.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.