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NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31657736 Stewart vs. Logano, March 24, 2013 Stewart+vs.+Logano%2C+March+24%2C+2013 NASCAR

Tony Stewart joined the list of drivers upset with Joey Logano this season after Logano blocked Stewart on a late restart in the Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway. Stewart pulled alongside Logano on pit road then the two, and their crews of course, engaged in a skirmish on pit road. Afterward, Stewart offered a scathing review of Logano's move, while Logano seemed perplexed that the three-time champ was upset.

NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31657737 Logano vs. Hamlin, March 2013 Logano+vs.+Hamlin%2C+March+2013 NASCAR

Joey Logano (against wall) and Denny Hamlin (spinning) began their set-to at Daytona International Speedway in February 2013. After the race, the two engaged in a Twitter commentary questioning driving styles. Things escalated at Bristol in March, a race in which the two were in contention for the lead when Hamlin tagged his former teammate Logano, who spun and hit the wall. After the race, Logano confronted Hamlin in his car and a minor scuffle with Hamlin's crew ensued. Again, the two took to Twitter for disparaging remarks. Then at Auto Club Speedway in late March, the pair made contact again when fighting for the lead, this time with Logano's car taking on minor damage and Hamlin slamming into the inner wall at the track and suffering a compression fracture in his back.

NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31667709 Spencer vs. Busch, Aug. 8, 2003 Spencer+vs.+Busch%2C+Aug.+8%2C+2003 NASCAR

This feud was in its fourth round before Jimmy Spencer (left) delivered the final blow against Kurt Busch (right). Two years after the duo first clashed at Phoenix and each retaliated at separate venues, Busch "ran out of gas" in front of Spencer's hauler at Michigan and revved his engine. To show his displeasure, Spencer rammed Busch's car and allegedly punched him in the face. The most enduring part of the rivalry was two memorable quotes: "(Spencer's) a decrepit old has-been — a never was — who has the brain of a peanut," by Busch, and "We don't forget. When I smash back, (Busch) won't finish," by Spencer.

NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31667711 Edwards vs. Kenseth, Oct. 21, 2007 Edwards+vs.+Kenseth%2C+Oct.+21%2C+2007 NASCAR

There always have been rumors of teammate quarrels behind closed doors, but few ever take place in front of TV cameras like Carl Edwards (right) vs. Matt Kenseth (left) at Martinsville. Several on-track incidents, including one during the Cup race at the short track, led Edwards to approach Kenseth as he was about to be interviewed. Edwards pushed Kenseth and feigned throwing a punch before walking away. Allegations of 'roid rage swirled around the muscular Edwards, but the two resolved their differences in private.

Todd Warshaw -
NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31667713 Harvick vs. Nemechek, May 21, 2005 Harvick+vs.+Nemechek%2C+May+21%2C+2005 NASCAR

Joe Nemechek (left, U.S. Army uniform) and Kevin Harvick (right, GM Goodwrench uniform) had an angry confrontation after an 11-car wreck in the 2005 All-Star Challenge. Tony Stewart got into the back of Nemechek, who then hit Harvick. Nemechek and Harvick, who had an earlier dust-up at Daytona, went at it again, with Harvick throwing his restraint system at Nemechek's car and shoving Nemechek. "I'm tired of Joe Nemechek acting like he don't do nothing," Harvick said. Responded Nemechek, "Kevin Harvick thinks he owns the world and he ain't squat."

Craig Jones -
NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31671209 Gordon vs. Kenseth, March 26, 2006 Gordon+vs.+Kenseth%2C+March+26%2C+2006 NASCAR

Tensions always run high at the bullring that is Bristol, and the March 2006 event incited the ire of two generally even-keeled champions: Matt Kenseth (not pictured) and Jeff Gordon (center). Leading with five laps remaining, Kenseth was knocked out of the way by former teammate Kurt Busch, then took out Gordon, who showed his frustration postrace by shoving Kenseth until officials intervened. "I'm sure he didn't mean it and all that stuff, but I wasn't happy about it," Gordon said.

Doug Benc -
NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31667714 Hamlin vs. Keselowski, May 24, 2008 Hamlin+vs.+Keselowski%2C+May+24%2C+2008 NASCAR

After the Nationwide Series race at Lowe's Motor Speedway, second-place Denny Hamlin and third-place Brad Keselowski spent several tense minutes sitting next to each other at a press conference before being escorted to the NASCAR hauler. Their crews had scuffled after the race, and Keselowski's car co-owner, Dale Earnhardt Jr., also became involved, bumping Hamlin's car under caution. Afterward, the two principals talked tough: "You throw a rock, I'm going to throw a concrete block," Hamlin said. "He doesn't like when guys race him hard?" Keselowski countered. "Well, that's the sport and that's what I do." The duo has clashed a few times in 2009 as well, leaving many to wonder: Could this turn into the rivalry of the future?

Jason Smith -
NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31667715 Elliott vs. Earnhardt, May 25, 1987 Elliott+vs.+Earnhardt%2C+May+25%2C+1987 NASCAR

Who says exhibition races don't matter? Bill Elliott (left) was cruising to victory in the 1987 All-Star race, but during the newly introduced final 10-lap segment he was forced to battle with Dale Earnhardt (right). During the duel to the checkered flag, Earnhardt collected himself after a spin to make the famous "Pass in the Grass," while Elliott was unable to avoid the wall. Elliott's crash let Earnhardt waltz to the win — but instead of celebrating, the Man in Black had to contend with Elliott several times during the cool-down lap.

NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31671213 Busch vs. Stewart, Feb. 9, 2008 Busch+vs.+Stewart%2C+Feb.+9%2C+2008 NASCAR

The Kurt Busch/Tony Stewart saga began with two incidents in 2007 at Daytona and Dover, the second of which led to a 100-point, $100K penalty for Busch (right, Miller Lite car) after a bump of Stewart (left, Home Depot car) in the pits that almost injured a crewman. Stewart next ran into Busch during practice for the Bud Shootout in 2008. As rumors swirled that Stewart punched Busch behind closed doors, NASCAR spokesman Jim Hunter commented that "This is the NASCAR everybody fell in love with."

Jonathan Ferrey -
NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31671214 Harvick vs. Edwards, Oct. 9, 2008 Harvick+vs.+Edwards%2C+Oct.+9%2C+2008 NASCAR

What happens when you combine a multi-car accident and two passionate drivers? We found out in Charlotte as Carl Edwards (right) and Kevin Harvick (left) had an old-fashioned donnybrook in October 2008. The tempers between the two started to rise a week before at Talladega when Edwards triggered an accident that took out Harvick, leading "Happy" to say a few negative things about Edwards on national television. One thing led to another before the duo played the feud much to the delight of one lucky cameraman who caught the behind-the-scenes action.

NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31667728 Wallace vs. Waltrip, May 21, 1989 Wallace+vs.+Waltrip%2C+May+21%2C+1989 NASCAR

Long before NASCAR on FOX's Darrell Waltrip (right) became a TV commentator, his aggressive driving and opinionated attitude made him one of NASCAR's most unpopular figures. But he found himself turned into a fan favorite during the 1989 All-Star Race after Rusty Wallace (left) spun him out of the lead on the final lap. "I hope he chokes on the $200,000 (winner's prize)," Waltrip famously quipped.

NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31671215 Harvick vs. Rudd, Sept. 6, 2003 Harvick+vs.+Rudd%2C+Sept.+6%2C+2003 NASCAR

Kevin Harvick (left) was running second with eight laps remaining at Richmond when he was sent into the Turn 1 wall by Ricky Rudd (right). After the race "Happy" slammed his car into Rudd's on pit road and the two began shouting at each other. It took several minutes of angry words, men jumping on top of cars and a thrown HANS device before calm was restored. Harvick and six others received penalties and fines.

Jon Ferrey -
NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31671216 Yarborough vs. Allison, Feb. 18, 1979 Yarborough+vs.+Allison%2C+Feb.+18%2C+1979 NASCAR

The 1979 Daytona 500 was the first NASCAR race nationally televised flag-to-flag, and because of a massive storm in the Northeast a huge audience got to see what would become the most famous fight in NASCAR. During the last lap Donnie Allison (background, red firesuit) and Cale Yarborough (left, standing) wrecked, got out of their cars and started yelling at each other. When Donnie's brother Bobby (right, on ground) came upon the scene, fists started flying. "I got out of the car and (Yarborough) started beating on my fist with his nose," Bobby Allison said.

RacingOne -
NASCAR 167 43 Top feuds in NASCAR history 31662644 Fightin' words Fightin%27+words NASCAR

Driver gets wrecked, becomes furious and rushes off to get his point across face-to-face — sound familiar?

NASCAR has a long history of feuds on and off the track. So here's a look back at NASCAR’s greatest battles, including one from NASCAR's greatest race.

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