Did Nats' Harper intentionally desecrate Braves' logo?

Did Bryce Harper intentionally desecrate Atlanta Braves' logo?

Bryce Harper doesn't endear himself to many Braves fans Saturday night.

Scott Cunningham / Getty Images North America

Bryce Harper didn't make many fans in Atlanta on Saturday night, and not just because his team defeated the Braves 4-1.

Video shows the Washington Nationals star dragging his foot through the dirt -- and the Braves' "A" logo -- as he approached home plate on at least two occasions.

Watch one of Harper's at-bats here.

It's hard to say with certainty whether the move was intentional, but it definitely caught the attention of the Braves' broadcasting team. The Washington Post quotes Atlanta's play-by-play man as follows during Harper's second at-bat:

"Harper, now (in) two at-bats, has done the same thing as he makes his way to the left-hand batters box. Watch what he does when he gets to the 'A' behind home plate.

"Just endears himself to more Braves fans."

The Braves' Twitter account also seemed to take exception:

Harper himself dismissed any talk of intentionally disrespecting the Braves' logo, but it's highly unlikely that will satisfy Braves fans who took umbrage.

H/t to The Washington Post, For the Win and Deadspin


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