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Australian Open scores

Scores Sunday at the Australian Open on the 6,624-meter (6,850-yard), par-72 The Lakes Golf Club (a-denotes amateur):

Final Round

Geoff Ogilvy, Australia 68-65-67-69-269

Alistair Presnell, Australia 67-72-67-67-273

Matt Jones, Australia 70-64-71-68-273

Jordan Sherratt, Australia 72-68-69-67-276

John Senden, Australia 66-71-70-69-276

Bronson La'Cassie, Australia 68-72-68-69-277

David Oh, United States 72-69-67-69-277

Greg Chalmers, Australia 69-71-66-71-277

Rohan Blizard, Australia 68-75-68-69-280

Gareth Paddison, New Zealand 72-69-69-70-280

Matthew Griffin, Australia 65-70-72-73-280

Bobby Gates, United States 71-70-73-67-281

a-Tom Lewis, England 70-72-70-69-281

Steven Bowditch, Australia 70-69-72-70-281

Michael Campbell, New Zealand 71-71-69-70-281

Paul Sheehan, Australia 70-67-72-72-281

Michael Long, New Zealand 71-68-74-69-282

Leigh Mckechnie, Australia 68-72-72-70-282

Marc Leishman, Australia 68-74-70-70-282

a-Ryan Mccarthy, Australia 70-73-69-70-282

Peter Fowler, Australia 72-73-68-70-283

Andrew Dodt, Australia 72-69-71-71-283

Peter Senior, Australia 68-74-69-72-283

Nick O'Hern, Australia 75-68-72-69-284

David Bransdon, Australia 72-71-71-70-284

Kieran Pratt, Australia 75-68-71-70-284

Liang Wenchong, China 74-68-70-72-284

Rod Pampling, Australia 68-76-68-72-284

John Huh, United States 71-71-69-73-284

Peter Wilson, Australia 73-69-68-74-284

Peter O'Malley, Australia 71-68-70-75-284

Mahal Pearce, New Zealand 72-72-72-69-285

Craig Parry, Australia 71-71-73-70-285

Adam Scott, Australia 75-66-73-71-285

Chris Gaunt, Australia 73-72-69-71-285

Greg Norman, Australia 74-69-70-72-285

Michael Sim, Australia 70-72-74-70-286

Andre Stolz, Australia 70-74-71-71-286

Brent McCullough, Australia 72-73-70-71-286

Nathan Green, Australia 71-68-73-74-286

Adam Bland, Australia 70-71-71-74-286

Anthony Brown, Australia 71-70-71-74-286

Steve Collins, Australia 69-72-69-76-286

Jason Scrivener, Australia 70-73-74-70-287

Marcus Fraser, Australia 70-71-75-71-287

Ronald Harvey, Canada 73-72-70-72-287

Adam Stephens, Australia 72-71-67-77-287

Stephen Leaney, Australia 75-69-74-70-288

Stuart Appleby, Australia 68-77-71-72-288

Steven Jones, Australia 73-72-72-72-289

Michael Foster, Australia 74-68-72-75-289

Peter Cooke, Australia 74-71-74-71-290

Jamie Arnold, Australia 71-72-72-75-290

Yuan Hao, China 73-71-76-72-292

Adam Crawford, Australia 72-69-77-74-292

Panuphol Pittayarat, Thailand 70-72-76-77-295

Peter Nolan, Australia 70-75-67-83-295

Ben Burge, Australia 73-71-78-74-296

Heath Reed, Australia 73-72-75-76-296

a-Ryan Peake, Australia 74-71-77-75-297

Brad Mcintosh, Australia 71-70-77-79-297

a-Jordan Zunic, Australia 73-71-79-76-299

Marcus Cain, Australia 73-72-77-78-300

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