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create your own league with custom settings and rules. invite others to play.

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continue last year's league with the ability to add, swap or remove owners.


what's new in 2015

complete league reactivation

  • Reactivate a league in its entirety with just a few clicks
  • Maintain league history with all of last season's pertinent info
  • Easily add, remove or swap team owners
  • Keeper league improvements

public league rule changes

  • New Fantasy Point scoring values
  • Preseason moves no longer treated as part of Period 1
  • Playoffs now run through the final week of the season
  • MLB Free-agents now listed as true free-agents

new features

  • New FAAB options
  • Player pace stats now on main roster view
  • Can now play with 3 or 4 divisions
  • New league logo

general improvements

  • Can now search within Help Glossary
  • New Draft Overview & Rankings style
  • Message board for roto live scoring
  • Mobile site enhancements - quicker, easier, better