SMU's Jones: Non-Power 5 teams should shun fall, play in spring

SMU coach June Jones has a radical idea to compete with college football's heavy hitters.

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JUL 17, 12:17 pm
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Friday morning, the NCAA released a new model for Division I that moves the Power 5 conferences closer to autonomy.

So with those ideas swirling, SMU head coach June Jones went on a Tampa, Florida, radio station and proposed his own radical idea for competing with college football's heavy hitters.

If Power 5 teams will make their own rules, Jones' theory goes, then the other teams should take matters into their own hands, too.

Jones' big idea for doing that?

Move their college football seasons out of the fall and play them during the spring.

From Football Scoop:

"I'll go ahead and say it right now," Jones said, "I think the have-nots should go ahead and move to the spring just like the USFL did. I think that there's an opportunity to do a complete other side of that division, and I think that if we don't think that way as a group of have-nots, we're going to get left behind.
"I can see in five-to-seven years, possibly, the public would demand to have the two leagues play, just like I think the USFL had in mind, originally, of the winner of the USFL playing the winner of the National Football League."

As noted in Football Scoops' piece, there's a littany of potential logistical issues with this idea.

Those can be discussed later, but in the interim we need time to digest the central fact of this revelation:

June Jones doesn't want to play football in the fall anymore.


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