What these Ohio State Buckeyes did for 4-year-old cancer patient is superb

Ohio State Buckeyes recorded uplifting videos and sent them to the father of a 4-year-old Ohio State fan who's battling cancer. They are awesome.

Joshua Perry turned his Ohio State platform into a wonderful tool for helping a kid in need.

Joe Robbins / Getty Images North America

Sometimes, sports really can be awesome.

Ohio State linebacker Joshua Perry is a prime example of that.

Perry, a junior at OSU, became aware of a 4-year-old Buckeyes fan named Joshua Chambers who is battling leukemia. So he got an idea.

From Eleven Warriors:

Joshua Perry took out his iPhone and sent a handful of his closest teammates a group text. He asked them to drop everything for a little kid they’ve never met.
“I just need 30 seconds,” the Ohio State junior linebacker said. “Whatever you’re doing; make me a video clip.”
“He just wants to hear from some Buckeyes and it’ll make his day,” Perry said. “We got a lot of good guys and they dropped what they were doing immediately in order to make a message.”

Perry's teammates responded, recording inspirational videos for Chambers, and he passed them along to Jeremy Chambers, the boy's father.

One by one, Jeremy would send them to his son's iPad so that each video with encouraging words was its own little surprise.

Below is a video combining a number of the recordings the Buckeyes sent to Joshua Chambers. Try not to be at least a partial Ohio State fan after watching (yes, even you Michigan fans can manage):

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