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Ladies, Here's Kliff Kingsbury Shirtless

Here is Kliff Kingsbury shirtless.

Earlier today ESPN's Brett McMurphy tweeted a picture of North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora shirtless. I jokingly Tweeted it out along with the line, "Your move @ttukingsbury."

A half hour later an email arrived with this Kingsbury shirtless image attached and a request for anonymity on how I'd received it. That's Kliff Kingsbury, aka the man your wife wishes she was married to instead of you, with a Dallas Mavs cheerleader, Bonnie, on his right side. Bonnie also happens to be a Texas Tech graduate. 

Guns up, ladies.

Tonight is the perfect time to post this picture given that The Bachelorette just ended, meaning that every woman between the ages of 18-34 is watching television. And now you're all here, hi, ladies. 

Will Kingsbury end up the next bachelor?

I don't know. 

But has shirtless Kilff Kingsbury just served Larry Fedora? Y'all make the call. 

Update: we have a new Kingsbury shirtless pic that was just emailed to Outkick. There's a clear lesson here, DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED NEXT TO SHIRTLESS KINGSBURY IF YOU ARE ALSO A SHIRTLESS MAN. 

It will not end well for you.




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