Randy Pedersen

Analyst, PBA

Randy Pedersen serves as color analyst for FOX Sports broadcasts of the Professional Bowlers Association Go Bowling! PBA Tour on FOX and FS1. He’s served as a color analyst for television coverage of the PBA Tour since 2001 and is a Hall of Fame professional bowler who won 13 PBA titles.

Pedersen has had great success behind the microphone as a TV analyst for the PBA tour. He earned the position after getting his start in broadcasting as a lane-level reporter on ABC’s Pro Bowlers Tour. He also worked for FOX Sports Net for a brief time in 2000. His tenure behind the microphone is the second longest behind the great Nelson Burton Jr.

As a bowler, Pedersen won 13 PBA titles, with his last coming at age 40 in the 2002 Pepsi Open. That title pushed him over the $1 million career earnings mark, making him the 24th millionaire in PBA history at the time. Most dominant from the mid-1980s to early 1990s, Pedersen captured the prestigious PBA National Championship crown in 1987.

At the same time, he is also known for two of the worst breaks in PBA history. He lost both his tour exemption and a PBA Tournament of Champions match due to leaving one pin standing in the last frame on each of those occasions. He was ranked #35 on the PBA’s 2008 list of 50 Greatest Players of the last 50 years.

Pedersen was elected to the PBA Hall of Fame in October of 2010 and was inducted with the 2011 class on January 22, 2011.

Randy joined the PBA50 Tour (formerly PBA Senior Tour) in 2013, and he won the very first tournament he entered: the PBA50 Dayton Classic. Randy has also been a member of the Storm Pro Staff and in 2019, it will be his 19th year with the company.

Pedersen has been lauded for his extensive knowledge of the game, and is associated with bowling lingo and catch phrases, as well as his sense of humor. He also had a small part in the 1996 comedy movie “Kingpin.”

“Dead flush perfect!”
“He absolutely pured it.”
(Above two describing a perfectly-rolled strike, with all 10 pins going into the pit.)

“Bartender, make it a double!!”
(Sometimes shouted when a player throws back-to-back strikes.)

“Bad mammal!”
(Pedersen uses this term either to describe a bowler on a hot streak, or serious pin carry when a less-than-perfect shot takes out all ten pins.)

“Nothin’ left but pin shrapnel!”
“Shreds the rack!”
(Sometimes used to describe a powerful strike.)

“Winner winner, chicken dinner!”
(Referring to the winner of a match.)

“Give me some coffee to go with that sweet roll.”
(referring to a nicely rolled strike shot)

He’s appeared in two major motion pictures, “Kingpin” and “Greedy.”