Relive the Houston Roughnecks’ win over the Los Angeles Wildcats on XFL opening weekend

It’s the opening weekend of the XFL season and in the second game of the day, the Los Angeles Wildcats took on the Houston Roughnecks.

Fans are showing up in droves in Houston, ready to support the Roughnecks in their first game of the season:

The Los Angeles Wildcats are ready for this game as well:

Curt Menefee and Joel Klatt are in Houston for the big game:

On the first drive of the day, P.J. Walker connects with Cam Phillips for a 50-yard touchdown for the Houston Roughnecks:

The Los Angeles Wildcats answered right back however, with a touchdown run from quarterback Charles Kanoff:

After both offenses stalled for a couple of possessions, Jordan Smallwood found the end zone for the Wildcats to give them a 14-6 lead:

The Roughnecks respond right back with a 20-yard touchdown reception from James Butler:

Houston scores again! P.J. Walker connects with Sam Mobley for a bomb to give the Roughnecks an 18-17 lead at the half:

Houston opens the second half with their third straight possession resulting in a touchdown, courtesy of P.J. Walker’s fourth touchdown pass:

The Houston Roughnecks defense has taken over, shutting down the Wildcats’ offense:

The Roughnecks are pouring it on now, extending their lead on a James Butler touchdown run:

The Houston Roughnecks defeat the Los Angeles Wildcats, 37-17: