YouPorn signs wrestler Joey Ryan to endorsement deal after infamous penis move

I guess this is good news for Joey Ryan?

YouPorn has started a sports sponsorship division and signed wrestler Joey Ryan as its first client after seeing him win a recent match, thanks to the strength of his penis. 

Ryan’s penis toss move went viral on the Internet a few weeks ago and led to lots of attention for the wrestler:

YouPorn sent a press release saying they are creating this new sports division with endorsement deals for athletes in mind. For instance, they are now naming Ryan’s finishing move the "YouPorn Plex," and he will be adorned in YouPorn garb when he wrestles from now on. 

"This is truly one of the most exciting moments in my career. To be recognized by a major company like YouPorn is pretty damn cool," said Joey Ryan. "I’m beyond excited about this new partnership and look forward to continuing to push the envelope in the world of professional wrestling!"

Congratulations to Ryan on scoring the endorsement deal and opening the door for aspiring athletes everywhere. And if YouPorn is looking for a second athlete to add to their burgeoning sports division, may we suggest this man?