WWE’s Nikki Bella gives opponent a brutal black eye on SmackDown

WWE SmackDown Live stars Nikki Bella and Carmella will face off Sunday in a no disqualification match at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs – but Carmella may not yet have recovered from the very real damage Nikki Bella dealt on Tuesday. Carmella, who has been feuding with Bella since SummerSlam, called out the absent John Cena in a promo, prompting Nikki Bella to come to the ring and attack her.

In an interview after the fight, Carmella had some painful looking lumps on her forehead. On Thursday, Carmella revealed that she suffered a black eye, and promised to get Nikki Bella back on Sunday.

The previous night on Raw, Sasha Banks captured the WWE Raw Women's Championship in a no-disqualification slugfest with Charlotte, leaving a few nasty marks on Charlotte's arm. Women's wrestling is no joke.

Nikki Bella, it should be noted, could have been exacting revenge for her chipped tooth a few weeks ago, which she blamed on Carmella.