WWE WrestleMania 33: Who Should Triple H Face If Seth Rollins Can’t Compete?

With Seth Rollins re-injuring his knee during the final segment of Raw, and it is being said the injury isn’t good, then who should Triple H face at the grand event?

Injuries are unfortunately part of the landscape in the wrestling industry, and as seen on Monday Night Raw during its final segment Seth Rollins re-injured his knee. The injury is not a work and it is legitimate, PWTorch is speculating he may miss at least four months. If this turns out to be true, Seth Rollins will not be able to compete at Wrestlemania and where does this leave Triple H for the biggest event of the year?

While I am sure no matter what time frame Rollins is given for a return, he will work hard and get back as soon as he can. Wrestlemania is two months away and that probably isn’t enough time for him, so what happens next? As we saw on Raw, Triple H had his NXT boy, Samoa Joe attack Rollins and do his dirty work for him. This is when the injury occurred, being no one’s fault as these accidents do happen.

Samoa Joe as it turned out is The Destroyer that Triple H alluded to, this storyline has built up well in only a few days. But it doesn’t have to be over yet and it doesn’t need to wait to continue either. With Triple H calling himself The Creator, why not spend the next two months building up The Creator vs. The Destroyer? The injury is the perfect in for there to be tension between the two, Triple H could claim he wanted Rollins beat down but not taken completely out. Samoa Joe doesn’t care, saying he’s done his job and that’s it.

But why would Triple H be angry? Because he wanted to embarrass Rollins himself at Wrestlemania, and instead he will as The Creator take down The Destroyer for not doing what he was told. They could have an epic Wrestlemania match, and this would certainly slingshot Joe into the big time. It all depends how it is booked, but there is a story to tell here and it makes the most sense right now.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not there will be heat on Joe for what happened, if you watch the video back Rollins’ foot got caught on the mat and it wasn’t really on Joe. However. there was also the fluke accident in the dark match he had against Tyson Kidd, which has basically ended his career. Samoa Joe is still one of the best workers in the world, and what a spectacle it would be to see one of TNA’s former biggest stars against Triple H himself.

Triple H vs. Seth Rollins was indeed going to be one of the big matches for Wrestlemania and unless the injury is something he can work within two months, that match will have to wait. It could easily headline Summerslam and still happen. There needs to be a plan b though, and it would really get fans talking to have Joe step up to the plate. Raw should be an interesting show, see how they address the incident and what they decide to do with both Triple H and Joe.

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