WWE WrestleMania 33: Can Nia Jax Be the One to Dethrone Charlotte?

She’s not like most girls, but can Nia Jax be the one to break Charlotte’s PPV streak at Wrestlemania and dethrone the Queen?

Ever since the draft, we have seen the slow build up of Nia Jax as a destructive force in the Raw Women’s Division. At first she was just taking out local talent and finally moved on to feuds with other women on the main roster like Alicia Fox. Recently she has been locked in a feud with The Boss Sasha Banks, and she has been absolutely dominating the former Women’s Champion.

Where could all of this be leading to? For two straight nights despite her valiant efforts, Nia Jax destroyed Sasha Banks and looked to be enjoying herself. This monster and dominate character that has been built up is very intimidating and despite her match losses, she looks credible. Could her destruction of Sasha Banks be leading her to to face Charlotte at Wrestlemania?

With Bayley still in a feud with Charlotte, but Bayley also in Sasha’s corner, it seems likely we may get a tag match between the four women at Fastlane. The rumoured Raw women’s match for Wrestlemania is these four women in a fatal four way for the championship. This would all make sense with how things are getting built up, and it gives their main women something to do and something to chase leading into Wrestlemania season.

The huge build up we have seen as Nia Jax as such a big force needs to continue, I like that we see her taking pleasure in hurting her opponents. Her character is getting built up very well, and she has come a long way since her Raw debut. It makes sense for her to be the one to break Charlotte’s streak, and solidify her as the top woman in the division. It should happen at Wrestlemania, there needs to be a big shocking moment and with a fatal four way she could pin anyone and Charlotte loses. If Charlotte doesn’t get pinned it can lead to a longer feud, she can say that since she wasn’t pinned her streak should be in tact.

Heel vs. heel feuds can be tricky, but these two have the potential to make it work. With Nia getting the big win, she becomes the one who needs to be beaten. She can rule the division and perhaps they can run with a Sasha redemption story where she eventually takes her down. There are so many possibilities and this does make the most sense. The company doesn’t quite have the faith in Bayley for her to get the title yet, and they do have a lot of faith in Nia. We’ve seen how they have pushed her and booked her, it would be the ultimate pay off for her to dethrone the Queen.

It will be very interesting moving forward to see how things are booked with the Raw Women’s Division, we have Fastlane coming up and then Wrestlemania. They are not getting as much TV time as the women on Smackdown and that needs to change. Raw is a three hour show and the women need to be ruling, continue the run with Nia and have her leave a wave of destruction everywhere she goes.

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