WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross def. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Nikki Cross: World’s greatest tag team partner? She’s certainly in the conversation after WWE Clash of Champions. The Twisted Sister was a key player in every sense of the term during her and Alexa Bliss’ successful defense of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships against Fire & Desire. Nikki got involved in the mind games early on with a wild-eyed hip-swivel in the direction of Mandy Rose and sealed the match when a chaotic confluence of events all but took Bliss out of the running.

The champions had been firmly in control of their opponents until 24/7 Champion R-Truth sprinted to the ring with potential usurpers in tow — an odd bit of turnabout, as Bliss was the one who had alerted the mob to Truth’s location following a backstage interview snafu — and The Goddess took her eye off the ball to make a play for the 24/7 Title. She was unsuccessful, but Mandy & Sonya Deville capitalized, seizing control of the match and dropping Bliss with a leg sweep combined with a step-up knee — “Devil’s Thorne” as Sonya calls it on Twitter.

“Let Nikki Play,” the crowd chanted, and she gave them what she wanted upon tagging in, swiftly snuffing out Fire & Desire by barreling Sonya off the apron and using Mandy’s own momentum against her by dodging another step-up knee that carried God’s Greatest Creation kneecap-first into the turnbuckle. From there, it was a short distance to the ropes, where Nikki spiked her foe with her signature swinging neckbreaker, earning the pinfall and retaining the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

In hindsight, we all may have been foolish to ever question the champs’ friendship. With Bliss on wobbly legs, who could have saved her the way Nikki did? Nobody. And with these two at the top of their games, who could possibly stop their reign in its tracks? Again, it’s looking like nobody.