WWE: Which Tag Team Should New Day Lose the Tag Titles to?

The New Day are less than a month away from breaking Demolition’s record of 487 days as tag team champs. It’s time to consider which tag team should to take away the titles from the trio.

Since winning the tag titles on August 23, 2015, at SummerSlam, The New Day have not lost a single feud to any tag team on the WWE roster. The trio seems to beat any team that gets in their way.

Now that The New Day are only a few weeks from reaching Demolition’s record of days as tag team champions, it is almost certain they will break that milestone. After that, there is really no reason to keep the titles on them.

The New Day’s gimmick has grown incredibly stale. The trio is not as funny and entertaining as they used to be.

It could be that The New Day don’t really work well as faces, but even as heels, they have really overstayed their welcome. After the trio break Demolition’s record, it is time for them to drop the titles.

The only question is who should the trio drop the titles to? At the moment, Cesaro and Sheamus are one of the most popular duos on Monday Night Raw.

Although The New Day recently beat them, they did so by cheating. So Cesaro and Sheamus deserve another shot at the titles at some point.

The only issue is that we don’t know how long Cesaro and Sheamus are still going to be a pair. The duo can’t seem to function together. There always seems to be tension between Cesaro and Sheamus.

Outside of Cesaro and Sheamus, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are also formidable contenders for the tag titles. The duo was quite impressive in the Survivor Series elimination tag match.

They eliminated The Hype Bros and American Alpha before they were taken out by SmackDown’s tag team champions. That match helped them gain some credibility.

Since their last feud with The New Day, Gallows and Anderson have struggled to find their place on the main roster. For some reason, the WWE decided to turn Gallows and Anderson into comedic heels during their feud with the New Day. That was a poor decision.

Gallows and Anderson worked well as heels who went around beating people up. It made no sense to turn them into a comedy gimmick. They are no longer as threatening as they were in Japan.

Aside from Cesaro and Sheamus and Gallows and Anderson, Enzo Amore and Big Cass also deserve a shot at the tag titles someday. They have not lost to The New Day yet and they are one of the most over teams on the main roster.

The only issue is that Enzo and Cass don’t really have much momentum right now. They have not picked up any significant wins lately.

It also seems like the duo are headed toward a feud with Rusev. So they probably won’t be in the tag title picture anytime soon.

Outside of the main roster, The Revival could possibly be contenders for the tag titles in the near future. After the duo dropped the NXT tag titles to Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, there is really no reason for them to stay on NXT.

They are an incredible duo and arguably the best heel tag team in the entire company. The Revival deserve to be on the main roster now. The Revival would work so well on Raw.

Even though they probably won’t win the titles immediately, The Revival are still worth mentioning. No tag team has ever won the titles right after they came from NXT, but The Revival are good enough to change that.

Out of all the teams mentioned, Gallows and Anderson would probably be the best choice to beat The New Day for the tag titles. They need it more than any of the other teams.

Given the history both teams have, if Gallows and Anderson can beat The New Day convincingly, they could possibly restore they credibility they had when they first debuted.

The WWE just needs to book the duo well and make them menacing. No more jokes, just action and total domination.

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