WWE: What New Day’s Members Could Do After Break-Up

Will The New Day’s members find success as singles stars in WWE, or will they falter back into the purgatory of the mid-card from whence they came?

For almost two years, the New Day has managed to surprise everyone with how they’ve transformed what started as a terrible gimmick. The trio of stereotypical Black gospel singers quickly turned into cheesy over-the-top comedians with ridiculous catchphrases and nonsensical promos. In doing so, they not only became one of the most entertaining acts in WWE, but also the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history.

So now that they’ve surpassed that milestone, what’s next for them? Sadly for many of their fans, it might not be something good.

As with any duo or trio of wrestlers, one can only ride on the coattails of positive momentum for so long. The New Day is no exception to this. The seeds of potential dissolution have already been sewn when Titus O’Neil called Xavier Woods the weak link. While Woods proved O’Neil wrong by beating him (then again, who hasn’t defeated Titus O’Neil?), the possibility of the New Day as a group coming to an end grows ever more realistic.

At this point, one can only wonder in which directions their respective careers would go after becoming such a great act. Before they became the New Day, Woods, Big E and Kingston were all directionless, lost in WWE’s midcard purgatory. They’ve managed to stay not only relevant but popular and entertaining by feeding off the chemistry they shared with each other. If they were to each pursue singles careers, where would they end up?

This article hopes to answer that question.

Kofi Kingston


Kofi Kingston

Of the three members of the New Day, Kingston’s future is the bleakest. He has been a perpetual midcarder for the entirety of his main roster career. There was a brief period between 2008 and 2010 during which Kingston feuded with Randy Orton & the Legacy. That was perceived by most people to be his big main event push, where he’d break the glass ceiling and become a main-event-caliber star.

Sadly, it all came crashing down after what some have alleged was him making too many botches during that feud. Orton beat Kingston decisively in their most encounters, sending Kingston packing back to the midcard, where he’d remain until the New Day was formed.

Once the New Day splits, Kingston’s likely to go back to that same spot. He’s the trio’s oldest member and has already been a fixture on WWE programming for many years. Unless WWE does something drastic with him and pushes him into the main event picture, Kofi’s future isn’t likely to change much.

If anything, he’s likely to end up in one or two runs with one of the midcard belts or might get a one-off shot at a world title, but other than that, Kingston isn’t likely to benefit in a major way from the New Day’s imminent dissolution.

Xavier Woods


Xavier Woods

If there’s one thing Woods has proven as a member of the New Day, it’s that he can cut great promos. Many of his catchphrases and one-off lines have been some of the New Day’s funniest, and has done wonders as the hype man for their matches and occasional manager.

On the other hand, Woods has spent the better part of the past year or more as a mouthpiece as opposed to a wrestler. He’s an entertaining speaker, but has yet to put on a stand-out wrestling match. All the top guys on the WWE roster have had at least one excellent match that most fans still talk about, but Woods has not.

That’s not to say Woods doesn’t still have time. He’s only 30 and has over ten years’ worth of experience in wrestling. Furthermore, if that ‘Behind the Curtain’ special is to be believed, there’s a long-term plan to emphasize Woods in the future because of his intelligence and heavy focus on education. If true, then there could be good things in Woods’ long-term future.

The only thing he really needs to work on now is put on a few good-to-great singles matches to prove that he’s as good of a wrestler as he is a talker. Which is why, when they disband, Xavier’s likely to be the one to initiate it. He’ll have something to prove to the other two, and so he’ll seek to break out on his own. Whether he succeeds in that venture or not remains to be seen.

Big E


Big E

Of the three members of the New Day, Big E has the most potential for a major push down the road. Vince has always loved big guys, and Big E fits the bill in every way. Not only that, but he’s very agile for someone that weights 285lbs., as seen by his picture-perfect overhead Belly-to-belly suplex and his apron splash. He has also improved by leaps and bounds in terms of cutting promos and exuding charisma.

If WWE were to push one person from the New Day immediately following their dissolution, Big E’s the most likely candidate. He has already shown he can do moderately well in singles feuds, and can do quite well as either a bully hell or fun-loving babyface.

The only thing Big E would have to change would be his finisher. No matter how much he tries to conceal it, the Big Ending is an awful finisher that doesn’t do him any favors. It doesn’t have any illusions of pain and looks way too much like a ‘safe move’ for which it’s virtually impossible to suspend one’s disbelief.

Clearly Big E needs a big change in his regular repertoire if he wants to be taken more seriously as a singles wrestler.

That said, you can still expect big E to go after at least one title or another once the New Day disbands. He’ll likely end up pursuing either the U.S. or Intercontinental titles as a stepping stone for something bigger in the future.

But given how much he has improved, don’t be surprised if Big E ends up on SmackDown sometime this year, where he’ll stand out much more as a singles star than he would on RAW.

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