Vince McMahon looks unlike any 70-year-old millionaire on ‘Raw’

Vince McMahon added another role to his many in WWE on "Monday Night Raw". The chairman of the board stepped into the ring as a referee in the main event on the show in San Antonio.

McMahon is 70 years old and many, many times a millionaire. In fact, at times, WWE stock has made him a billionaire at different points.

That doesn’t change his ability to set an example through work ethic and physical looks. The man is massive.

Check out what he looked like as he attempted, um, to keep order in the bout between Sheamus and WWE champ Roman Reigns.

McMahon did take a couple of shots from Reigns, but in the end wound up having the last laugh, commanding Reigns to take part in the Royal Rumble on Jan. 24 against 29 challengers . . . with the title on the line.

Also on the show, Chris Jericho returned for the umpteenth time. 

Y2J also threw his name in the ring for the Rumble.