WWE Uses Kenny Omega’s Name in Royal Rumble ‘Pop Question’ Video

Is Kenny Omega’s name being mentioned on WWE’s website anything of note?

Kenny Omega going to WWE has been speculated since he posted the now-famous “stepping away from Japan” tweet just a short time after Wrestle Kingdom 11. This saw him lose to Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in the show’s main event. Omega’s contract reportedly runs out with NJPW on January 31 (h/t Wrestling Inc).

There hasn’t been much to indicate that Omega will definitely join WWE, but if fans are looking for any sign of this, a video posted on WWE.com may be an indication. This has the headline, “Seth Rollins wants Kenny Omega in the Royal Rumble Match: WWE Pop Question”. It probably won’t seem like anything significant, but to put Omega’s name anywhere on WWE’s website, even in a headline, is notable. They did the same with AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows around this time last year. The only difference is WWE did not have an image of Omega used here.

The video can be seen below with Rollins saying Omega by name, as well as other Superstars giving their pick for who should be surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble:

On the other hand, other WWE stars mentioned in this video named celebrities that would more than likely never step into the ring. This is like Miz saying Ryan Gosling should be in the Royal Rumble. So, Rollins name-dropping Omega could be the same thing. The Cleaner can’t even enter the over-the-top-rope bout based on his NJPW contract, so he fits in with the others mentioned in this clip.

What should also be noted is WWE has played to fan speculation before, like Conor McGregor making an appearance at a future show.

After January 31, we’ll see what the situation is with Kenny Omega, and whether he decides to stay in New Japan or head elsewhere. Will he become the latest wrestler who made a name for themselves overseas to jump to WWE? If so, 2017 is going to look very much like 2016 for wrestling.

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