WWE TLC results: Nikki Bella vs Carmella full video highlights

A look at what happened during the No Disqualification match between Nikki Bella and Carmella at WWE TLC.

Carmella and Nikki Bella would have their rivalry come to its potential conclusion at the WWE TLC pay-per-view. They have feuded for the past few months, which has seen a bunch of back and forth action.

On Sunday night, they would have a No Disqualification match in the second bout of the evening. What would go down between the two women?

Bella and Carmella immediately went to ringside to start brawling. The “Total Bellas” star then hit a big takedown to get things going including an attempted move along the apron. It then appeared that Bella suffered a left leg injury, which Carmella immediately started playing to and working on in the ring.

Carmella then lined Nikki upside down on the turnbuckle. She would break out a kendo stick and prepare to use it, before mocking John Cena and then starting to hit the former Divas champion in the abdomen and leg. After she locked in the Code of Silence, though, Bella grabbed the kendo stick and started using it to get momentum back.

Bella would break out the fire extinguisher and use it on Carmella multiple times. The Rack Attack 2.0 would get hit and lead to the win.

Not too shabby of a match here. There wasn’t anything done that will make you go back and watch it on the WWE Network, but these two still put on a respectable showing. It puts Nikki up, 2-0 on Carmella and likely ends their rivalry.

If there’s a title change in the SmackDown Women’s Championship match, maybe we get Bella going for the belt. Could there be something with her and Alexa Bliss in store after WWE TLC? Or with the person who attacked her?

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