WWE TLC 2016 Results: AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose Video Highlights

What was the result of the WWE Championship match between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose at WWE TLC 2016?

The engaging feud between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose seems headed for completion Sunday night.  The rivalry which has been red-hot since it started in September at Backlash when Styles won the strap after kicking Ambrose in the groin and cementing the win with his patented Styles Clash finisher has been a compelling program. Since then, Ambrose has been hot on his tail while also enlisting the help of the unknown James Ellsworth in pursuit of his cause at WWE TLC.

So how will things go down Sunday in their Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match?  Will Ambrose get the belt back?  Will Styles prevail and move on?  What, if any role will James Ellsworth play in the match?  Read ahead to find out.

After the intros the match starts as a brawl with Ambrose getting the better of.  After fighting back Styles immediately tried to climb the ladder which Dean stopped.  The action spilled outside and it was all Ambrose, complete with putting a garbage can on Styles head and punching it.  Now ringside, Styles finally came back with a dropkick and clothesline.  But Ambrose was a man possessed and drilled Styles with a chair in his face.

Ambrose was the first to climb the ladder for the belt but Styles was there to knock him throat first into the ropes.  But just as Styles got the upper hand, the Lunatic Fringe used a ladder twice to disable The Phenomenal One.

Then the two took turns disabling each other with chairs.

Ambrose continued his assault, slamming Styles on a chair and then using one while jumping off the second rope.  Ambrose set up a table in the corner but it was Styles who used it, suplexing his opponent through it.  The back and forth continued as Styles landed his signature drop kick only for Ambrose to come back with his signature clothesline.  Back outside again and it’s all Ambrose.  After laying Styles on an announce table, he set up a ladder on another announce table.  And then this.

After the destruction, Ambrose took another ladder in the ring in an attempt to claim the belt but AJ nailed Dean with a Phenomenal Forearm knocking him from the ladder.  Both men go for their finishers and are thwarted and Ambrose sent Styles into the ladder.  Back outside, Styles lands his moonsault reverse DDT combo on the floor.  Styles sets up Ambrose on a table outside and then lands an insane springboard 450 splash!

Styles goes to climb the ladder for the victory but of course here comes James Ellsworth.  Styles goes for a Styles Clash off the steps like he did on Smackdown but Ambrose interfered, nailing Dirty Deeds on those steps.  The two then go up for the belt but Ellsworth screwed Ambrose, pushing him off the ladder to the tables at ringside.

It was academic at that point as Styles climbed the ladder and retrieved the belt.

What did you think of this match at WWE TLC?

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