WWE TLC 2016: 3 Reasons AJ Styles Should Defeat Dean Ambrose

After competing for over fifteen years, AJ Styles finally arrived in the WWE. With his arrival comes recognition, elevation, and a championship. Here is why he should defeat Dean Ambrose at WWE TLC.

On Sunday, December 4th, AJ Styles will be defending the WWE World Heavyweight championship against Dean Ambrose at WWE TLC. Their rivalry has involved others, but always had the two of them at the core of it.

First, Styles defeated Ambrose for the championship via nefarious means, then they faced each other in a triple threat match that included John Cena. Most recently, each cost the other a chance at winning the Survivor Series team battle. Both men have tried to get the better of the other on countless occasions. As 2016 draws to a close, the rivalry between the two of them has reached a fever pitch, and  their confrontation in the main event of Tables, Ladders and Chairs may be the final blow off, as both men move into the New Year.

The question is, who will get the better of the other at WWE TLC? While some may believe that Ambrose has Styles exactly where he wants him, perhaps that is exactly what the champion wants us to believe. As it stands, we believe that Styles will retain the championship over Dean Ambrose. Here are three reasons why AJ Styles should retain the championship at TLC against the lunatic fringe.

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3. He Will Hold on Until a Major PPV

It can’t be disputed that the most valuable title in WWE is the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Despite the WWE Universal championship being the top title on the ‘flagship show,’ Raw, the WWE championship will always hold greater value. The names of the men that have held the championship include the likes of Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan. While some would say it’s the man that makes championship, really it is the championship that makes the man.

The Phenomenal One has shown that he is willing to do everything and anything to hold on to the championship.  And after a couple of months, his run as the champion has shown that he can hold his own during a program. The main event roster since the brand split not being particularly deep also justifies having Styles hold on to the title, and since the Smackdown Live events aren’t considered ‘major’ events, and are not even normally on pay per view, they are not the place for a switch. It would be best to have Styles retain the title at least until a major pay per view event, such as the Royal Rumble in January.

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2. He’s the Biggest Star on SmackDown Live

When someone calls themselves ‘The face that runs the place,’ they better be able to back up that claim. Since defeating John Cena, Styles has feuded with the likes of Dean Ambrose and Cena in the main event program. However, during Cena’s absence, Styles has shown that he is indeed the Phenomenal One, and the one to call upon to be at the forefront of the brand.

AJ is without question the biggest star on Smackdown Live right now.  While there are other notable names on the roster such as Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton, Styles continues to put on stellar matches and deliver convincing promos time and time again. He works hard, and effectively, both in the ring and on the mic to garner heat from the crowd. He gets the jeers he is seeking, but still, his dedication in the ring is always acknowledged by fans. What has to be noted is that he made his name and earned a reputation before coming to WWE, and that notoriety that has only helped to elevate him even higher.


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1. Styles Retaining Should Lead to a Confrontation with Another Notable Name

One thing that has been consistent throughout his career is that regardless of where he is and who he faces, Styles puts on outstanding matches. During his time in TNA, he faced the likes of Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode and Jeff Jarrett. He has faced Shinsuke Nakamura, Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong in New Japan or Ring of Honor. It has never seemed to matter whether Styles went over in the end, what was important was that the story he told in the ring was compelling, drew fans in, and gave them a lot to enjoy.

By winning and holding onto the WWE World Heavyweight championship, Styles has done exactly what fans had hoped he would do. However, now it is important to see what matches he could be a part of, and what can be set up moving forward. As champion, Styles could participate in some interesting match ups that fans never would have conceived of happening. Could he face The Undertaker for the championship? That would certainly be a huge pairing, and one that could easily headline a major show. And that is the sort of match where the title should change hands.

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