WWE Survivor Series 2016 Results: The Miz vs. Sami Zayn Video Highlights

The theme of Survivor Series this year is Raw vs. SmackDown Live. In one of the interpromotional matches, SmackDown superstar The Miz defends the Intercontinental Championship against Sami Zayn of Raw.

In the spirit of competition between Raw and SmackDown Live at this year’s Survivor Series, the Intercontinental Championship was up for grabs in a match between Team Red and Team Blue. It’s the real focus point of this match between The Miz and Sami Zayn, which literally became official at the last minute.

Dolph Ziggler was Intercontinental Champion for roughly a month. When Miz was less than eager to enact his rematch clause, Ziggler looked to the superstars of Raw for a title defense. He threw down the gauntlet, issuing an open challenge for the title at Survivor Series to any Raw superstar.

To determine the challenger, Sami Zayn faced Rusev, and the winner would get the shot at Ziggler and the Intercontinental Championship. Zayn won, and it appeared that a match between Ziggler and Zayn was set.

But The Miz begged his way into a rematch before Survivor Series, and he regained the title. He got some help from Maryse and the Spirit Squad, but it was official. Now, Sami gets to face the A-Lister on short notice.

Please read ahead to find out what happened when Sami Zayn challenged The Miz at Survivor Series.

Zayn spent the early part of the match showing off his technical prowess. The Miz held his own, but was unable to get much going. Sami hit a moonsault off the barricade for the first real highlight of the match.

Maryse made her presence felt, distracting Zayn long enough to give her husband a chance to regroup and take over. The Miz continued his recent habit of utilizing moves from the repertoire of Daniel Bryan, even taunting in the midst of executing them.

The Miz continued to wear down Sami, working on the left leg to make the Figure Four Leg Lock more effective. Sami countered with a big lariat, and even on one leg pulled off a tope con giro.

The Miz again borrowed from Daniel Bryan, hitting a series of dropkicks in the corner to Zayn. Sami recovered to catch Miz off guard with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

Sami countered a Skull Crushing Final with a rollup for a two count, but hit an exploder suplex in the corner. He went for a Helluva Kick, but Miz moved at the last moment, which caused more damage to Sami’s injured leg.

Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Miz locked in a devastating Figure Four Leg Lock. Sami was unable to reach the ropes, but he turned over to reverse the pressure onto Miz. The pair rolled into the ropes and the hold was broken.

Unable to pass up a chance to mock the SmackDown Live General Manager, Miz laid into Sami with a series of kicks. But Sami ducked the final kick and locked in a Figure Four of his own. Out of nowhere, the bell rang, though Miz had not given up.

Apparently, Maryse rang the bell. Sami believed Miz had tapped and released the hold, but the referee hadn’t ended the match. Miz snuck up from behind him and rolled him up, using a handful of tights to secure a three count and a successful title defense.

A hard-fought battle for the Intercontinental Championship sees the Miz retain, through underhanded means. What did you think?

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