WWE Survivor Series 2016: 3 Reasons Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler is a Must-See Match

Why we think Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler will create a captivating matchup against one another at Survivor Series.

Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler was on a quest to find a challenger from the Raw brand to face for his championship. The idea is novel because the company could have simply gone with a challenge from the likes of Apollo Crews or Baron Corbin. However, they went outside the box, and added to the Raw vs Smackdown flavor of Survivor Series. Prior to the confirmation of Ziggler’s opponent on Raw this week, there was a great deal of speculation as to who would face the champion.  One name jumped out, as a battle between with Ziggler promised to not only be a great contest, but a match of the night contender. And in the end, many fans got what they wanted, and Ziggler’s opponent will indeed be Sami Zayn.

Though he recently butted heads with Braun Strowman (a potential feud that I don’t think is over quite yet,) it appeared Zayn was without an opponent for Survivor Series. This is where the unique challenge laid out by Ziggler was interesting. The men weren’t slated to face anyone, but now they can put on a match that makes everyone sit up and take notice. And with Zayn being Canadian, it makes all the more sense to have him do it then.

Here are three reasons why Zayn/Ziggler will be a must see match

Zayn Ziggler


3. It Would Steal the Show

Many had hoped it would be none other than Sami Zayn that took up Ziggler’s challenge. Since Zayn has been on Raw, fans have been guaranteed one thing: regardless of whomever he was in the ring with, they would be treated to a high paced and exciting match. That isn’t something you can say about every wrestler, and when you combine that with the fact he would be facing Ziggler for the championship, the collective fanbase has to be salivating.

Since having to overcome possible ‘retirement’ Dolph’s stock has never been greater. He was quick to offer a rematch to the man he defeated for the title in The Miz, who turned down the opportunity. Regardless of the reasons why Miz refused, it opened the door to this exciting championship match at Survivor Series, which pits the ‘Show Off’ against ‘The Underdog from the Underground.’ Both men are perennial fan favorites, and regardless of the match result, the fans will be the ones that walk away as the victors. This is a match that also has a bigger feel to it since both men are on opposing brands.

Sami Zayn, WWE Raw


2. Zayn Deserves to Be Competing for a Championship

Zayn captured the NXT championship to a great deal of fanfare while he was with the brand. It seemed as though all his hard work paid off, and the stories of his not being able to win the big one were put to rest. The narrative quickly changed, however, when jealousy from his ‘best friend’ Kevin Owens beat down Sami and left the new NXT champion lying in a crumpled heap at ringside. A moment of bliss was shrouded in sadness and disappointment. After losing his title against Owens, Zayn never recaptured the championship before leaving NXT.

While championships don’t define a wrestler’s success, it certainly helps when he or she is part of a title picture. By being put in this match, the storyline of being an afterthought is no more. He is contending one on one for the Intercontinental championship against someone that is passionate about putting on the best match possible. Whether he walks away from Survivor Series the champion or not does not matter. Just being booked to be in the conversation for a could very well open doors, perhaps leading to his competing for the United States Championship down the road.

Dolph Ziggler


1. Their On-Screen Stories Are Fairly Similar

The men have very similar stories, in that they have had to undergo challenges in order to achieve even a modicum of success. Consider that Ziggler was initially part of the Spirit Squad, and then was Kerwin White (aka Chavo Guerrero)’s caddy. He clearly had to flop a number of times before he could rise. In the case of Zayn, his story of coming so close multiple times only to never to win the big one was a story of a talented wrestler that simply can’t win when it matters. And in addition, when he does win, the people he trusted most became jealous of him.

While Ziggler is more flashy in his looks, when he is out there fans know he is committed to putting on a great show regardless of where he is booked on the card. Zayn has been tied to Kevin Owens since debuting at the Royal Rumble, so to have him break free of that and have success on his own is fantastic. Who exactly do you cheer for when both are fan favorites? Both men are equally liked because they both have seen their share of adversity, and now are able to face off against one another.

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