WWE reveals first roster move between SmackDown and Raw

WWE will make some major changes to the Raw and SmackDown Live over the next two nights with the first “superstar shakeup,” and hours before Raw went live, the first roster swap was revealed. SmackDown Live’s Apollo Crews, the 45th pick in the 2016 Draft back in July, is heading to Raw.

In retrospect, Crews may have received his callup from NXT a bit too soon. He arrived immediately following WrestleMania 32 along with Enzo, Cass and Baron Corbin – but unlike Enzo and Cass, Crews wasn’t an instant hit with fans, and unlike Baron Corbin, he never really developed as a character.

Crews has the tools, but too often came across as a talented guy who was simply happy to be on the main roster as opposed to someone with a clear goal in mind. The switch to Raw will hopefully open up more opportunities for him.

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