WWE SmackDown, February 7: Biggest Winners from the Show

Who were the biggest winners from this week’s WWE SmackDown Live?

WWE SmackDown produced another high-octane edition of the show. A red-hot crowd helped to make even dull moments electric. Daniel Bryan would kick-off the show this week and would eventually come across the Miz. Before long, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles would join the party. A fatal four-way match would kick-off the in-ring portion of this week’s show.

The show would also feature a double contract signing courtesy of the women’s division. The segment was short and to the point and played up to the animosity of the feud rather well. A 12 man tag team bout between all the contestants of the elimination chamber tag team turmoil match would also take place.

The main event of this week’s WWE SmackDown would feature Randy Orton going against John Cena. As always Bray Wyatt lurked in the background, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. However, they would face obstacles on the way in the form of a familiar face. When all was said done, who ended the week with the most momentum as we head towards Elimination Chamber?

The Ascension


3. The Ascension

Who would have predicted the Ascension to get a pinfall victory on WWE SmackDown Live? It would have happened on Main Event perhaps. However, that would not be the case this week. Creative, looking to create intrigue ahead of the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV would place a twist in the form of the Ascension.

The duo would come on top during the 12-man tag team match. They would pin former SmackDown tag team champion Rhyno to get the win for their team. While this was a welcome surprise, shocking would be a better description for what happened. For months, The Ascension have remained as after thoughts on the main roster.

The duo would reduce to a mere shadow of their NXT characters owing to some poor booking decisions. However, this would result in a huge imbalance on SmackDown’s tag team scene. There were very few legit heels except for the Usos. In fact, the Usos were the only actual threat to American Alpha so far. Creative’s willingness to put the Ascension over has suddenly opened some doors. I wouldn’t be too surprised if even Breezango wins the title during the Elimination Chamber.

Luke Harper


2. Luke Harper

For the second week in a row, Harper would come to the aid of the WWE champion John Cena. However, it goes without saying that his motives are rather directed towards Orton. Harper would play the dark horse during the main event match and would ensure that Cena got the win over Orton.

Moreover, earlier in the show, Harper would feature in a short and decent promo shoot. He would come off bits and pieces like Wyatt but made sure to remain as a character himself. We also know Harper would face the Viper at Elimination Chamber. Regardless of the outcome of that bout, Harper is a winner at the moment.

Finally, creative has found the right character for him. Moreover, being associated with Wyatt in any manner would enable him to remain relevant. It is good to see the under-appreciated Harper get some well-deserved screen time. From the looks of that promo, he seems to be making the most of whatever time creative has put in for him.

Baron Corbin


1. Baron Corbin

When all is said and done, no one was a much clear winner than Baron Corbin. The lone wolf plays his character perfectly. He does not care about anyone but himself. Corbin pulls off the looks as well as the character. Moreover, as time goes by, he has developed into a solid in-ring performer. Management’s trust in him proved true once again on Tuesday as he pinned the former WWE champion, the face that runs the place,  AJ Styles.

That is an accomplishment not many can boast about. Although it came at the hands of a distraction from Miz and Maryse, Corbin looked like a star throughout the bout. His promo segment too was short and decent. The ceiling for the lone wolf is rather high as long as creative backs him up.

Corbin would now enter into the chamber with significant momentum. He would very well be booked as a force during the match. Creative has done their best to protect him even when he loses. Given ample time, Corbin would develop into one of WWE SmackDown Live’s premiere heels. The future looks bright for the lone wolf.

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