Seth Rollins jumped off a steel cage to end Monday Night Raw

The main event of Monday’s episode of Raw was a relatively rare steel cage match that ended with Seth Rollins taking flight off the top of the structure. 

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens is scheduled to defend his title against Seth Rollins at Clash of Champions this Sunday, while Roman Reigns will get a United States title shot against Rusev. To kick off Raw, general manager Mick Foley decided to pit Owens and Reigns against each other in a one-on-one match – and made the surprise stipulation that it would take place in a steel cage. 

Reigns won the match by dropping to the outside before Owens could crawl out the open door, but Rusev arrived and teamed up with Owens to brutalize Reigns. With the three wrestlers locked inside the cage and Rusev’s Accolade finisher locked in, Rollins came to his former Shield teammate’s resuce, scaling the cage and knocking Owens and Rusev back down to the mat before diving off the top corner. 

It wasn’t quite a Shane McMahon moment, but it was an exciting end to what was an otherwise average episode of Raw -aside from the debut of the cruiserweights, who were fantastic.