WWE Rumors: Women’s Tournament to Take Place in Early 2017

WWE may be looking into holding a Women’s Division tournament annually beginning in 2017.

WWE may be looking to expand on the incredible success they’ve found with the Cruiserweight Classic and Dusty Rhodes Tag Team tournaments. According to Wrestling Observer, there are plans underway for a Women’s Division tournament beginning early next year.

Several talents from all around the world have reportedly been contacted, with some told the tourney will tape in January, others in March. So it sounds like plans are still being formulated if a decision such as that hasn’t been set in stone yet.

This could be part of an over-arching plan to hold three tournaments annually, featuring the cruiserweights, tag teams, and women. While it’s not mentioned in the story, these would likely take place exclusively on the WWE Network.

Tournaments have always been a great way to build multiple superstars at once. It was also a chance to launch multiple storylines. The King of the Ring tournament used to be used for exactly this reason every year, and we saw how the Brian Kendrick/TJ Perkins feud emerged right out of the Cruiserweight Classic. The same could be said of the intense rivalry between #DIY and NXT tag champs The Revival. It remains to be seen how many established superstars would be included, especially those on the main roster.

Considering WWE is struggling to create viable female superstars out of the current NXT roster a tourney could be the perfect solution. Whoever emerges victorious will have the momentum to face undefeated champion, Asuka, who has been without true competition for months. It could also bring an influx of international talent at the same level as we’ve seen with the men.

Now this is still a long ways off and things could change, but right now this seems like a smart move for WWE to take.

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