WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins cleared for WrestleMania 33 vs Triple H?

We’re finally getting some good news on the condition of Seth Rollins following his latest knee injury

Throughout the past week, the professional wrestling world has been holding their collective breaths as we all await word on the condition of Seth Rollins. Last Monday night on RAW, while closing the show with the debuting Samoa Joe, Rollins suffered an injury to the same knee that forced him to miss WrestleMania last year.

For the most part, we really haven’t had much to be optimistic about regarding the condition of Rollins, but thankfully we do now. On the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription needed), Dave Meltzer is reporting that Rollins is indeed good to go for the biggest show of the year, and the match with Triple H is still the plan for early April.

“Seth is considered good for WrestleMania,” Meltzer reported. “So Triple H vs. Seth is on, and that’s what they’re working towards. Maybe that’s why they didn’t tip their hand, but they are going with the idea that that match is still on and he will be ready for WrestleMania.”

Okay, so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief now that it looks like this grudge match which really is about three years in the making is on for WrestleMania in Orlando on April 2.

Following the injury on Monday night Rollins immediately made the trip down to Alabama to see Dr. James Andrews and the early report was that he could miss anywhere from 6-8 weeks, which made a WrestleMania return somewhat unlikely to an extent. At the very best, they were cutting it really close with that projected timetable.

But now it would see that’s not much of a worry anymore, so now we can all just sit back and wait for the return of Rollins at some point down the line to continue his feud with The Game.

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