WWE Rumors: Diamond Dallas Page to be first 2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee

Former world champion Diamond Dallas Page will be honored at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, the night before WrestleMania.

It appears as though this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class will include a big “BANG!” On Tuesday evening, former WWE and WCW star “Diamond” Dallas Page retweeted a report that his name has been listed as the first inductee into this year’s class.  And many feel it’s long overdue.

Page was a significant part of WCW during the famed “Monday Night Wars” during the mid-90s, where they battled WWE for ratings supremacy. Page sided with WCW against “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and the New World Order in some of the most talked about battles in wrestling history. He’s done his time in WWE as well, having a huge feud with The Undertaker, where he debuted as the masked man that was stalking The Undertaker’s wife at the time.

These days, Page is all about second chances. He founded and started a program known as DDPYoga. He has helped countless people get back into great physical shape through his workout regimen. He was noted for also saving the life of fellow former stars Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Both men were going through a list of documented personal problems, and DDP stepped in and helped them out.

While he may not be the headlining star for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame, his induction is certainly warranted. He was known as one of the toughest men in the industry during his run, and one of the more entertaining to watch. He was often remembered as being the master of the “Diamond Cutter,” a variation we see commonly these days as Randy Orton’s RKO.

WWE hasn’t made the formal announcement as of yet, but should they do it soon, it will kick off a big year for DDP. Tickets for the WWE Hall of Fame go on sale next week for the event being held during WrestleMania 33 weekend in Orlando. Then he has a book coming out in March as well.

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