WWE Roadblock 2016: Predicting 3 Matches That Should Be Added

What other matches should appear on the WWE Roadblock match card?

On Sunday, December 18, the WWE Roadblock pay-per-view will take place from Pittsburgh, PA. The show’s match card hasn’t fully been developed yet, but we do know the top three bouts that will be seen at the event.

The main event will see Roman Reigns challenge for the WWE Universal Championship. Kevin Owens, who has held the belt since August, will defend it. Reigns’ United States Championship won’t be defended, though, and hasn’t been mentioned at all in this feud by Owens. Instead, we have seen the Big Dog face off with Chris Jericho for it, on occasion.

Speaking of Jericho, he’ll face Seth Rollins in their latest head-to-head matchup at Roadblock. This feud has broken off from the Owens vs. Reigns program, despite these two having faced off a handful of times on WWE programming. They haven’t done so on PPV yet, though, so this is somewhat of a first time for these WWE Superstars.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte will have the top women’s match of the evening with their 30-minute Iron Man match for the Raw Women’s Championship. This is their third one-on-one PPV match for the title (SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell, Roadblock). That doesn’t include their triple threat matches and the tag team bout at Battleground.

Outside of these three matches, there should be a handful more added to the card by Monday’s episode of Raw. WWE has used either six or seven matches for brand split PPVs since September, so expect three more to be added to Roadblock. Who could join the show?

Rusev Enzo Amore


3. Enzo Amore vs. Rusev

Even though Enzo Amore and Rusev have faced each other before, everything seen from the past few weeks should indicate that they’re going to wrestle again at WWE Roadblock. By everything seen, we kind of do mean everything seen.

Enzo got featured in a bizarre backstage segment where Big Cass stole his clothes and got locked out of a changing room. So, the Realest Guy in the Room had to walk around the backstage area naked. He ended up approaching Lana, who seemed “intrigued.” This ended up angering Rusev.

One week later, the Ravishing Russian tempted Amore to her hotel room, which turned out to be a trap. The Bulgarian Brute ended up attacking and making him look like a fool for trying to have an encounter with his wife.

For those who enjoy storylines, this one may be for you. It should end up playing out on next Sunday, which could end up making this potentially the shortest match of the show. This may bridge the gap toward one of the bigger bouts of the evening.

Rich Swann 205 Live


2. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Even though the cruiserweights have their own show with 205 Live, expect them to get some type of spot on the WWE Roadblock match card. This is especially with the lack of feuds having developed for the show.

On the debut episode of 205 Live, Rich Swann would defeat Brian Kendrick to become the third WWE Cruiserweight Champion since the belt got reintroduced in September. He successfully defended the title on week later.

However, in the aftermath of the rematch, we saw things break down between Swann, Kendrick, and TJ Perkins, who had been on commentary. After accidentally superkicking the Outlandish One, it seems TJP may be thrown into the title mix for the first time since October. It’s intriguing since everything that Perkins teased on Tuesday night seemed to be heel-esque. From the cryptic backstage segment with Swann, to wearing all black on commentary, there seemed to be something brewing with the Cruiserweight Classic winner. Could that culminate at WWE Roadblock, if this triple threat gets added?

The other option is to just have Swann go head-to-head with Perkins. Given alll the singles matches that Swann and Kendrick have had, WWE may choose to freshen things up by removing the company veteran from the mix. That wouldn’t fully eliminate him, though, as he’ll probably lurk around the title heading into 2017.

New Day

Credit: WWE.com

1. Raw Tag Team Championship Match

On the December 12 episode of WWE Raw, New Day will have to successfully defend their tag team titles against the teams of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, and Cesaro and Sheamus. If so, Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods will become the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history. If not, then they would have missed tying the record by mere hours.

If New Day walks into WWE Roadblock as Raw Tag Team Champions, Cesaro and Sheamus could be their opponents. The foreign duo have gotten on the same page over the last few weeks, including the bar fight where they worked as a team and shared an adult beverage in celebration. They have also dealt with the shenanigans from New Day in title matches as the trio will use their numbers advantage to win (all despite being babyfaces).

On the other hand, if New Day loses, they will probably still get a title match at WWE Roadblock. Between Anderson and Gallows and Cesaro and Sheamus, again it should be the latter duo getting the nod with the belts. This is from their months-long build to get to a cohesive tag team, and since the former NJPW tag champions haven’t anything notable throughout the fall.

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