WWE Raw Women’s Championship is Changing Hands Too Often

With Charlotte’s victory over Sasha Banks to win the Raw Women’s Championship, there is a concern about how the title having changed hands too often this year.

The WWE has certainly put a lot of emphasis on how women’s wrestling has evolved. This explains why Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair faced each other for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in the main event of Hell in a Cell.

The fact that we were getting the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match was creating a lot of buzz. However, Banks dropping the championship to Charlotte was, unfortunately, a poor decision by the officials at the WWE. The title change happened a little too quickly after Banks having won her second Raw Women’s Championship. In fact, the championship has changed hands a little too often this year since the title was created.

Let’s go back to the creation of the championship, which was originally meant to be the reincarnation of the WWE Women’s Championship. Charlotte was the first women’s champion of the new era in women’s wrestling at WrestleMania 32. She was the victor of a triple threat involving Banks and fellow Divas Revolution breakout star Becky Lynch.

Lynch would finally breakout as a champion of her own in a win over Charlotte on a July episode of Raw. It looked as if Banks was going to have a good run with the championship. But the title run ended in less than a month when Charlotte reclaimed the championship at SummerSlam earlier this year.

The change in the plans was due to a lower back injury for Banks. It was a matter of bad timing for Banks, who has shown down at NXT that she is capable of being a long tenured women’s champion. Banks would be able to reclaim the Raw Women’s Championship several weeks later by getting another Raw victory in early October.

One would have thought this would be the chance to allow Banks to have a long run with the Raw Women’s Championship. There were some concerns about Banks not being physically strong enough to hold up at Hell in a Cell. But they still had the match and it was grueling for both Banks and Charlotte.

At the end of the event, Charlotte was able to win the championship for a third time since the title was first created in April. Overall, the championship has had five separate championship reigns in 2016 with Charlotte’s combined reigns making up for more than 70 percent of the title’s existence.

A championship changing hands that many times does sort of take away from the prestige of winning the title. Sure, it’s nice to be a three-time champion. But one has to wonder if the WWE is eventually planning on Charlotte being just like her dad – the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair – and have 16 separate championships.

Either way, the WWE needs to make up their mind if the title is going to stay with Charlotte for an extended period of time, or if they’re going to let Banks lead the women’s division on Raw. Neither one looks like a strong champion when the title has been passed between them like a wrestling-version of the classic game Hot Potato.

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