WWE title match ends in rare draw after double pin

In one of the strangest endings to a Raw in recent memory, Seth Rollins closed the show as the new WWE champion only to have the title taken away following a replay.

Rollins faced Dean Ambrose in a one-on-one match for the WWE title Monday night ahead of a triple-threat match with Roman Reigns at Battleground, and the match ended after Rollins superplexed Ambrose off the top rope. Both Ambrose and Rollins were pinning their opponent, and the referee completed a three-count and called for the bell. No one in the arena had any idea who actually won the match.

New Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon entered the ring and proclaimed Rollins to be the new champion, and Raw went off air with Rollins celebrating. Moments later on the WWE Network, however, the decision was reversed when the finish was ruled a draw. Ambrose was given back his title, as the championship cannot change hands on a draw. 

Fans who didn’t immediately tune in to the WWE Network (read: most people) were understandably confused. 

You can watch the chaos as it played out below.

Shane and Stephanie McMahon agreed that Rollins and Ambrose will have a rematch for the title Tuesday night on SmackDown.