WWE Raw Preview: Survivor Series Fallout



After Sunday night’s shocking Survivor Series, what’s in store for tonight’s WWE Raw?

What a night. Survivor Series 2016 was pegged as the event where “fantasy warfare just got real”. We knew we were going to see things we wouldn’t usually see, such as titles being defended against the opposing brand, and each brand sending out their five best men, women, and tag teams to go head to head with the other. But never in our wildest dreams could we have predicted what would have happened in the main event, and that’s going to be the central talking point when tomorrow’s Raw rolls around.

Brock Lesnar is the most legitimate threat WWE has ever had. A mountain of a man, he has decimated his opponents in both UFC and WWE. But last night, he was on the other end of that decimation. So, to modify Goldberg’s usual catch phrase of “Who’s next”, the question is what’s next? Where does Goldberg go from here? This match seemed as if it would be a one-off appearance, but now that we know the result, can that really be the case?

A lot of questions will be answered on tonight’s Raw, so let’s get into our full preview for the show.

Stephanie Team Raw Survivor Series


What Will Happen to Team Raw?

Raw enjoyed quite a bit of success last night at Survivor Series. They won both the Women’s and Tag Team Elimination matches, and they also managed to keep the Cruiserweight division on the red brand, albeit via some interference by Baron Corbin. But one match in which they did come up short was the men’s elimination match, and Raw COO Stephanie McMahon explicitly stated there would be consequences if that were to happen. Specifically, she said they should fight like their jobs depend on it, because they do.

Well, let’s take it down a notch or 50. There’s no way their jobs actually depended on it because if Stephanie were to “fire” Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, and Kevin Owens, her brand would be in shambles, especially considering the only logical next step for those five superstars would be to go to SmakDown. But Stephanie is known for making people who don’t fulfill her wishes feel her wrath. What’s going to happen to Team Raw tonight after they blew it against Team Blue?

And what about Rollins specifically? He mentioned that he was given some sort of assurances by Stephanie so he would agree to be a member of Team Raw. What were they, and do they still hold up now that they’ve lost?

Despite Raw winning two of the three elimination matches last night, a fury likely awaits the men who couldn’t make it a clean sweep. We’ll have to wait and see what exactly that entails.



Can Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens Salvage Their Friendship?

Chris Jericho’s list is very precious to him. Ever since its creation he has treated it like gospel, and the fans have followed suit. He even spent some of the Survivor Series kickoff show putting some new people on the list. In the social media lounge with Tom Phillips, he added to the list a Twitter user who asked a stupid question, and a productions assistant who took a graphic off the screen earlier than Y2J would’ve liked. So yeah, he likes his list.

But last night, Jericho’s best friend Kevin Owens destroyed the list by smashing it on AJ Styles. It was actually in an effort to help Jericho fend off the Phenomenal One, but the damage was done nonetheless. And this isn’t the first time Owens and Jericho have shown cracks in their relationship. You may remember Owens letting Jericho get pedigreed by Seth Rollins in consecutive weeks on Raw while he just stood by and watched. Could this list debacle be the final straw?

Tonight we’ll find out if Jericho is willing to brush this off, or if this is the beginning of the end of his relationship with Owens. With the fans more behind Jericho than possibly any other point in his career, a face turn and title pursuit seems inevitable at some point. That could begin as early as Raw.

Goldberg Lesnar Survivor Series


What Will the Fallout Be Following Goldberg’s Dominance?

Last night, Goldberg made history. Not only did he become just the second man to beat Brock Lesnar multiple times at pay-per-view events (John Cena being the other), he did so in spectacular fashion, finishing off the Beast Incarnate in under two minutes. So what’s next for each of these men? We may just find out tonight.

Goldberg originally said this would be his last match, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who actually believes that given the result. That result implies a rematch is almost a foregone conclusion. At the very least, Goldberg will stick around so as to not waste the truckload of momentum he just gained from this victory. Whether it’s to continue feuding with Lesnar or somebody else, Goldberg will probably stick around for a little while.

As for Lesnar, what can we expect out of him tonight? He was just beaten in a way that never seemed possible given his status as a conqueror in WWE. Will he be a dejected shell of a man? Or will he be in a fit of frustration destroying everything in his path? Assuming Lesnar makes an appearance tonight, it will be must-see TV following his shocking destruction last night.

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