WWE Raw Preview: Halloween Edition


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With Hell in a Cell having taken place, what kind of fallout can we expect to see on this spooky edition of WWE Monday Night Raw?

Raw’s latest pay-per-view is in the books. Overall, Hell in a Cell was a pretty solid show and the triple main event mostly lived up to the hype. Roman Reigns and Rusev started the night out hot with a good match to get the crowd going. Then, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins delivered despite their match being placed curiously in the middle of the card. And finally, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair headlined the event with what was a very solid match despite a lackluster finish.

Now we’ll see the fallout on tonight’s Raw and there will be plenty of questions that need to be answered. Most of them revolve around where each of these high-profile feuds will be headed next. Sure, TJ Perkins will likely begin his road to attempt to reclaim the Cruiserweight Championship. And inevitably Sheamus and Cesaro will remain in the tag team title picture due to the DQ from last night.

But what about Rollins and Owens? Sasha Banks and Charlotte? How about Reigns and Rusev? Let’s take a closer look at what could be in store for these guys with this week’s full Raw Preview.



What’s Next for Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks?

Leading up to Hell in a Cell, there was a lot of talk about Charlotte and Sasha trying to make history. It was the first time two women would ever compete in Hell in a Cell, and really it was the first time two women were allowed to compete in any kind of gimmick match that posed this kind of danger. While expectations were certainly high with so much talk of making history, the two of them did their best to live up to it, and they did quite the job.

But with this match in the books, where do we go from here. Typically the former champion will pursue a rematch, but it doesn’t feel like it will be that simple this time around. That’s mainly because this feud has been going on for several months now and has featured Sasha and Charlotte passing the Women’s title back and forth like a hot potato. If they really just continue their feud on the pretense of Sasha deserving a rematch, things will get pretty stale.

Something new can and should be introduced into this feud tonight on Raw. It could be Bayley trying to insert herself back into the title picture following a win over Dana Brooke. It could even be Nia Jax appearing on Raw for the first time in weeks to make a statement herself. Either way, it seems likely that this Charlotte vs Sasha rivalry will be re-invigorated in some way tonight.

Hell in a Cell


Where Does Roman Reigns Go From Here?

Roman Reigns is now 2-0 in Hell in a Cell matches after knocking off Rusev last night. It was a really good match with some fun spots, specifically Rusev seemingly trying to rip Reigns’ face in half by using a steel chain to lock in the Accolade.

But now that Rusev has lost two straight PPV matches to Reigns, which likely means he’ll be out of the United States title picture for at least a little while. If that’s the case, who does Reigns go on to face? There looks to be very few options at the moment because most heel superstars on the Raw roster who are involved in some sort of feud. But there are a few possibilities who would be somewhat longshots, but would make for quite an entertaining rivalry. Both men are actually involved in the same storyline right now, but aren’t directly feuding with each other. Those two mean are Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins.

Jericho would be able to go after the title with the idea of trying to capture all the titles for team JeriKO. As for Rollins, it’s a bit more complicated since he’s unlikely to give up on his pursuit of the Universal title. But should he be separated from that title picture temporarily since he did technically lose last night, this wouldn’t be a bad alternative. He still has a score to settle with Reigns and having those two feud over Raw’s secondary title would make it seem extremely important.

Hell in a Cell


What’s Next in KO’s Title Reign?

Kevin Owens retained the Universal Championship last night after a grueling match with Seth Rollins. There was heavy interference by Owens’ best friend Chris Jericho, but it was technically legal, which begs the question of if Rollins will be granted a rematch. Owens could lobby for Mick Foley to put Rollins at the back of the line. At the same time, Foley could just grant Rollins another match because Owens won it in such a ridiculous way. We’ll find out tonight what exactly will happen on that front.

But should Rollins not be granted a rematch, what could be next for Owens? It seems like there’s a built-in next step for him considering his friendship with Jericho. The two of them have seen some cracks form in their relationship lately, so a Jericho face turn and subsequent feud with Owens for the title is not out of the question. It’s pretty obvious that Owens isn’t thrilled about Jericho claiming to be one-half the Universal Champion, and with KO letting Y2J get pedigreed by Rollins almost weekly, something’s gotta give.

Tonight will give us an inkling of what direction this is headed. It’s highly unlikely anyone else steps into the title picture considering there’s so much unresolved beef among these three men.

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