WWE Raw: 3 Questions from the February 6 Show

What are the biggest questions the February 6 edition of WWE Raw left behind?

WWE Raw came up short of producing an electric show last night. However, that would not take anything away from the segments that outlasted the show at times. More often than not, Raw featured lazy booking and mediocre segments. Superstars would squeeze their way into title feuds without any hints prior to that.

However, during the moments the show would hit the right notes, it would make sure to produce drama and intrigue. Samoa Joe would pledge his allegiance to Triple H. He would now thrive as the right hand of the cerebral assassin. Roman Reigns reiterated that this is his ‘yard’. The two Samoans would collide in the main event of the show.

However, the low points of the show came when the New Day squared off against the Shining Stars. These two teams are so far away from each other in terms of popularity that being paired with them would make New Day look bad. Admittedly, the trio has reached the pinnacle of their success and now it’s time to break them up and turn someone heel. Elsewhere, Strowman would go back to his squash matches in another piece of lazy booking. When the show concluded after 3 hours of treadmill booking and few eye-catching moments, what were the biggest questions from the night?

Charlotte Bayley Royal Rumble


3. Will Bayley Win the Title Next Week?

As announced, Bayley will face Charlotte for the Raw Women’s title next week on Raw. To add further heat to the program, Charlotte would provide the distraction that would cost Bayley her match against Nia Jax. Fans would see a confident Charlotte standing supreme over her fallen challenger.

However, seeing Charlotte getting the last laugh this week raises questions regarding next week. We clearly know about creative’s interest in protecting Charlotte’s PPV streak. If that be the case, would she somehow lose the title next week on Raw? This would not be the first time the Queen has lost the title outside of a PPV. When it comes to Charlotte, that’s more like the norm these days. Lose the title in a televised match and then recapture the gold on PPV.

Will creative follow the same hot potato booking with Charlotte and Bayley as well? As much as fans would love to see Bayley win her first title, it should come at a grander stage. Seeing as this year’s Wrestlemania has no other promised feel-good moments for us, Bayley’s title win should come at mania. Perhaps Dana Brooke or even Nia Jax could interfere and take out Bayley.

Goldberg Kevin Owens Fastlane


2. How Does Goldberg Get a Title Shot Just Like That?

So Goldberg walks in, accepts Lesnar’s Wrestlemania challenge and then walks out with a shot at Owens’ universal title come Fastlane. How much sense would that make? The 49-year-old has over-stayed his welcome. It is true fans still chant ‘Goldberg’ every time he would enter the arena. But the question must be asked. At what cost?

To put Goldberg over, creative had to constantly sacrifice Brock Lesnar of all people. The list would also include Rusev who has been a stepping stone for Goldberg upon returning. Now, he gets a shot at the universal title. It is still unclear at this moment as to where would this all lead to. Would Lesnar interfere in the match and cost him the title? That would add some more animosity to their final showdown.

Would Goldberg do the unthinkable and head to Wrestlemania with the title? It is almost unthinkable at this moment. I would rather have Roman Reigns defend the Universal title against James Ellsworth. WWE’s reliance on part-timers at the cost of full-time new era stars has to end.



1. Will Roman Reigns Bounce Back Like Nothing Happened?

Roman Reigns did not have a good week on WWE Raw. Before his main event match with Samoa Joe, Reigns would get assaulted on the entrance ramp. Joe would then proceed to systematically beat down Reigns from head to toe. As the Big Dog looked to mount a comeback, Braun Strowman would appear.

Not only would Reigns lose the match courtesy of Strowman’s distraction, he would end another night on the floor. Post-match, Braun Strowman would beat Roman Reigns like never before. He would slam him in the ring, hit him with the steel steps and finally slam him through the barricade. This would leave Reigns much like a battered piece of meat, vulnerable and beaten.

The big question is, would Reigns make another comeback next week, seemingly unhurt by the event from this week. Stone Cold once called out Reigns for not selling his opponent’s moves. The issue with Reigns is not just about selling someone’s moves. He would sell every offense thrown at him; but only momentarily. Reigns sold every one of Joe’s hits like he was being hit by a baseball bat. However, a few moments later, he would once again be on his toes, unaffected and recovered.

It is this attribute of his character that needs the most working. Strowman’s attacks will leave Reigns as a vulnerable being. However, the longevity of his humane booking would determine whether fans are able to connect with him. Reigns needs to sell this well and appear all through next week injured and not at a 100% at all times.

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