WWE Raw: 3 Questions from the December 5 Show

A look at three lingering questions this week’s Raw has left us with.

The December 5 edition of WWE Raw was a big disappointment compared what we saw the week before. The show featured the in-ring returns of two giants. However, meaningless matches and mediocre segments ruined all the fun. The show had more fillers than actual matches that provided storyline progression.

However, there will always be a gem. Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens was a gem. So was the US title match between Jericho and Reigns. The match provided us with spectacular in-ring action as well great storyline progression for Jericho and Owens. However, that were perhaps the only two logical and meaningful angles from the entire show.

Elsewhere on the card, lazy booking ideas have led us to a triple threat match for the tag title next week on Raw. Charlotte and Sasha seem to be going forward with their never-ending feud. Ric Flair returned to Raw and Enzo Amore got beat up yet again. However, the show was below par compared to what the WWE could produce at times. Here are the three biggest questions from the show.

Rollins Jericho WWE Roadblock


3. What is the Deal with Seth Rollins?

Suddenly, Seth Rollins would remember that he wants a piece of the game Triple H. Out of the blue, the Architect came out at reminded the fans that he still remembers being screwed by the game. On top of that, it was announced during the opening segment that Jericho and Rollins would face off at Roadblock. However for what reasons is something that remains to be seen.

Moreover, WWE has a subplot waiting to write itself between Owens and Jericho. Why should fans care about a match between Rollins and Jericho when there is so much on their plates? Also, Rollins does not seem to be in line for a shot at the Universal title as well. Roman Reigns would be challenging Kevin Owens for the Universal title. So how does a match between Rollins and Y2J fall into the puzzle here?

If the match was to decide the number one contender for Owens’ title, there would have been some level of explanation. However, as it stands, this is just a throwaway bout with two exceptionally talented main event performers. Expect a fun match without any real reason or consequence. Rollins effectively concluded his issues with Jericho during last week’s brawl at the parking lot.

Lana Enzo Amore


2. What is Creative Doing with Enzo Amore?

This is a question that went through everyone’s minds as they watched Raw. The same can be asked about Lana, Rusev and even Big Cass. Enzo Amore is one of the best talkers on Raw second only to Paul Heyman. He is also a decent wrestler. So what exactly is creative thinking, by wasting a performer like Enzo on mediocre segments of such nature?

Fans would watch along with Big Cass as Enzo was lured into a hotel room by Lana. Remember when she was the cold-hearted woman who controlled Rusev? Remeber when Lana was all about intensity and domination? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. The character has been watered down and objectified to a very low-level.

Moreover, Rusev, who was originally fighting for the honor of his wife suddenly uses her to get to Enzo. Where is the logic in that? One week, Rusev is a chauvinistic heel. Next week he is a heel fighting for his wife’s honor. The very next week, he is using her wife to get revenge on Enzo. This entire ordeal has been a huge letdown for anyone who has been involved in it. WWE should get rid of this feud at the earliest and move the characters to better storylines. They deserve better.

Chris Jericho


1. What is Next for Chris Jericho?

Obviously, as we heard during the opening segment, Jericho would face Rollins at Roadblock. As we discussed in the beginning, the logic and the timing is completely off here. Moreover, there is no reason to carry on this feud to a PPV after the much-loved parking lot brawl this past week.

Regardless, one has to wonder what is next for Jericho. The veteran can not be expected to hang around the WWE forever. However, Y2J has had one of the most entertaining runs in recent time. For that reason alone, Y2J deserves a title run. Whether that be his first Universal title or the US title that has eluded him till now needs to be seen. Jericho deserves to be a in program with Kevin Owens for the Universal title as much as he deserves the US title.

Jericho is slowly moving towards a face turn. A match with Rollins does not help out in that regard. Hence, he needs to complete his face turn before long and turn his attention to the Universal title. He failed to capture the US title once again as he squared off against Roman Reigns. Time is running out for creative to pull the trigger on Jericho – Owens feud which could take us to the new year of the new era.

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