Randy Orton made a classy move after Shane McMahon was crushed by a scary spear


Shane McMahon, at the age of 46, decided to step into SmackDown’s five-man Survivor Series team and enter the ring for the first time since his match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania – and he gave WWE fans some jaw-dropping moments in Toronto. McMahon, one of the most fearless risk-takers in WWE history, delivered a flying elbow off the turnbuckle to drive Braun Strowman through a table, and took an incredible amount of punishment from the Raw team.

He was eliminated from the match by Roman Reigns after a scary move appeared to cause a serious injury. McMahon had Reigns down in one corner of the ring, and he scaled the turnbuckle on the other end to attempt his signature Coast-to-Coast move. After McMahon took flight, Reigns countered by springing into a devastating spear.

In a strange sequence that followed (as McMahon appeared to be knocked out), Reigns pinned McMahon only to have him (involuntarily?) lift his shoulder. The official stopped his count, but ruled that McMahon had been eliminated and allowed medics to check on him.

Orton was in the corner of the ring at the time, and after crawling over to McMahon, he left the ring and walked immediately over to McMahon's wife and son to give them an update on his condition.

Orton explained on Twitter that, as a father, he had to reassure McMahon's family.

McMahon was helped back up the ramp, and WWE has not yet provided any further details on his health.