WWE NXT UK: Nov. 21, 2019

This week on NXT UK, Alexander Wolfe’s matchup against Ilja Dragunov further fueled the growing conflict between Imperium & Gallus, The Grizzled Young Veterans looked to NXT TakeOver: Blackpool II, Trent Seven’s victory over NXT’s Kona Reeves served as a precursor for an exchange with the returning Eddie Dennis, A-Kid took down Jack Starz, and Ridge Holland debuted strong against Oliver Carter.

Trent Seven def. Kona Reeves

Prior to his match against Trent Seven, NXT’s Kona Reeves got on the mic in order to insult both the NXT UK brand and The Artful Dodger. When words turned to action, Seven defended the honor of both himself and his brand when he overcame Reeves with the Burning Hammer.

However, as he exchanged high-fives with the WWE Universe at ringside after the bell, someone suddenly grabbed his hand and didn’t let go. That man was a smiling Eddie Dennis, returning to the view of the NXT UK crown for the first time in several months! 

Eventually, Seven pulled his hand away, but it will be interesting to see what comes of the tense exchange between the two elite competitors.

A-Kid def. Jack Starz

After the first-ever WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate reportedly endorsed him, the up-and-coming Spanish Superstar A-Kid continued his winning ways when he scored a submission victory in a hard-fought match against Jack Starz.

Grizzled Young Veterans pleaded with Johnny Saint for a title opportunity at TakeOver: Blackpool II

Zack Gibson and James Drake came before the WWE Universe to express their disgust with the lack of respect they feel they have received lately, insisting they have been robbed of their NXT UK Tag Team Championships in Cardiff and in the possibility for a another opportunity to reclaim those titles.

The Grizzled Young Veterans went on to make a plea to NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint that they get a NXT UK Tag Team Titles opportunity at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, a move that they insisted the rising brand needed in order to get the world talking and which would make the fans happy.

Ridge Holland def. Oliver Carter

The highly anticipated debut of Ridge Holland did not disappoint as the skilled competitor triumphed over the high-octane Oliver Carter. He hit a nasty diving tackle into the headbutt before finishing him off with Northern Grit.

After the bell, Ridge took pause to tip his hat to as Oliver’s recent partner Ashton Smith as he emerged to help the defeated competitor.

Alexander Wolfe def. Ilja Dragunov

Despite Alexander Wolfe’s recent overtures in favor of Ilja Dragunov perhaps joining Imperium, Dragunov chose to shockingly side with Gallus when push came to shove against Imperium forces two weeks ago. In the wake of their conflict, the man from Moscow looked to step out of the shadow of his one-time Dresden trainer when he battled Wolfe one-on-one.

The subsequent main event contest proved brutal both inside and outside the ring. In the height of the action, the sudden interference of Imperium inevitably tipped the contest in Wolfe’s favor and allowed him to seize the victory with powerbomb. When the intimidating faction launched a 4-on-1 post-match assault on Ilja, their onslaught brought Gallus to the ring to even the odds and send the “sacred” faction heading for the hills. 

Dragunov set to battle Wolfe one-on-one

Despite Alexander Wolfe’s recent overtures toward Ilja Dragunov, Dragunov chose to side with Gallus when push came to shove against Imperium two weeks ago. Now, in the wake of that conflict, the unpredictable man from Moscow prepares to lock horns with one of his Imperium adversaries.

Plus, Ridge Holland makes his debut, Trent Seven and A-Kid are in action and so much more.

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