WWE NXT: Asuka vs. Ember Moon is Inevitable for the Women’s Championship

The stage looks to be set for the Empress of Tomorrow and the Mysterious Ember Moon in WWE NXT.

Asuka faced her toughest challenge yet this past Saturday night at WWE NXT Takeover: San Antonio.  In a fatal four way bout between opponents Nikki Cross, Billie Kay, and Peyton Royce, Asuka was able to overcome all three women to remain on top of the NXT Women’s Division.

In the events leading up to Takeover San Antonio; Cross, Kay and Royce all ambushed the Women’s Champion.  Rattling Asuka was the right thing to do to light a fire inside of her.  In the end however, Cross’ insatiable appetite for destruction couldn’t do it.  Neither could the resourceful double team of Kay and Royce stop the Empress of Tomorrow.  Asuka was screaming for competition, and having those three women test her was the catalyst to prove that she was unstoppable.

That begs the question, who can actually stop Asuka?

Just last week’s episode of NXT, Ember Moon has stated her intentions of chasing the NXT Women’s Championship.  She has even called her out on the NXT Takeover pre-show.  Fans can immediately guess what is coming next for the women of NXT and that is the inevitable bout that is bound to happen between the two women.  The women have yet to meet on television in a high profile event, and when they do meet, the stakes will be high.

Not only is the match important, but the buildup for it must be crucial.  Moon wants this opportunity, but she must prove herself even more in her quest for NXT gold.  Asuka was rattled by the triple team, but now with that win under her belt she has to ready herself for the next challenge.  Both have what it takes to take each other to the breaking point, and that will be the story leading this matchup.

What makes this match extremely interesting is that both women are undefeated at this point in time.  And both don’t look to lose a match anytime soon.  So if and when they do meet, say maybe at the next Takeover, someone will suffer her first loss.  Asuka has everything to lose while Moon has everything to gain.  A lengthy program could come out of this, and it’s needed.  Could these two take the feud beyond Takeover should it happen?

That depends whether or not if Asuka is headed to the main roster after WrestleMania.  NXT is in the rebuilding process, and taking its top player away from the Women’s Division hurts more than helps.  On the flip side, there will be more talent coming in to fill NXT’s roster.  It’s really hard to say what plans are heading into WrestleMania season otherwise.

Until then, the NXT Women’s Division needs this feud, and it can certainly be the highlight going into the next Takeover.  Asuka’s historic reign sells itself, and with both women undefeated as I said earlier, the anticipation grows even more.  It would be the biggest match for Moon, and a win over Asuka would be an even bigger moment for the red-eyed beauty.

It is only a matter of time before Asuka and Ember Moon meet.  And when they do, it’s not going to be just another match.  It’s the end of someone’s undefeated streak and perhaps an end of a historic reign.

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