WWE star Jeff Hardy lost a tooth at Payback

If you’re a dentist in the San Jose, California area, WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy may soon be requiring your services.

The recently returned duo of Jeff and Matt Hardy put their titles on the line Sunday night at WWE Payback, and Hardy lost a tooth after taking a vicious kick to the face by Sheamus midway through the match.

Hardy continued in the match as if nothing had happened, and after hitting a Swanton Bomb on Sheamus to score the victory and retain the belt, Hardy seemed to tell Sheamus there were no hard feelings about the tooth and shook his opponent’s hand.

Via WWE Network

A few moments later, Cesaro and Sheamus ran back into the ring and attacked the Hardy Boyz, and Sheamus opened up Matt Hardy’s forehead with a devastating Brogue Kick. It could be the catalyst for the return of the Broken Hardys.