WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 results: Roman Reigns vs Rusev full video highlights

A look at what happened in the Hell in a Cell match between Roman Reigns and Rusev.

Roman Reigns and Rusev have feuded for nearly three months for the WWE United States Championship. This started as a way for The Big Dog to redeem himself after a tumultuous summer and succeeded in doing so by winning the title from The Bulgarian Brute at Clash of Champions. It would set up a match at Hell in a Cell.

Since then, Reigns and Rusev have continued their feud, and was even the first Hell in a Cell match to be announced for the pay-per-view. It led to Sunday night, where they finally went head to head without any limits. Would Reigns retain the belt? Or would Rusev find a way to win the United States Title for a third time?

Rusev and Reigns started the match methodically as the crowd chanted “Let’s go Rusev” and “Rusev sucks”. This is the John Cena treatment.

The two-time United States Champion would be the first one to collide with the cell as Reigns shouldered him into the structure. It caused him to stay down for a bit as the former Shield man controlled.

Rusev would take over with a kick to the neck and throwing Reigns into the steel post. The action would continue at ringside with Reigns being driven into the cell. Lana’s husband then used steep steps to batter the champion.

Rusev picked Reigns up over his shoulder and drove him into the cell. He then went underneath the ring to break out weapons and brought out a kendo stick. However, Reigns stopped him, grabbed the stick and starting attacking. Rusev then locked Reigns’ arms in the ropes and began beating him down with the kendo stick. As he went for a different move, Reigns broke out and hit a big clothesline to even the match. A Superman punch followed this up.

Reigns got hit with a big kick to the face and hit into the steps, but kicked out of an ensuing pinfall attempt. Rusev then locked in The Accolade, which got broken up. Another big kick connected to the face of Reigns, though.

Rusev broke out a chain and began hitting Reigns in the back with it. He then slammed Reigns into the steps and hit another big kick. This wouldn’t be enough to get the pinfall. Rusev then locked in The Accolade, but with the chain wrapped around Reigns’ face. The three-time WWE World Champion broke out of it and hit a Samoan drop onto the steps.

Reigns speared Rusev off the steps for the win.

Reigns and Rusev put on a solid opener, which lasted about 24 minutes. They didn’t really use the cell much, a criticism of past matches with this gimmick. Given the era of WWE that we’re in, though, this may not be surprising.

What also isn’t shocking is Reigns retaining the United States Championship. He’s just one month into his run with the belt and should hold it for the foreseeable future. We’ll see who challenges him after the show, but for now, he is victorious.

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